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Ancient Aliens Season 19 Episode 7: Release Date, Spoilers, and Streaming Guide

Ancient Aliens Season 19 Episode 7: Release Date, Spoilers, and Streaming Guide

Ancient Aliens has always been a subject of fascination and curiosity among the public. Scientists from leading research organizations are working hard to establish a connection with extraterrestrials and open a new door to communication. Well, so far, the efforts have not been very successful. But the general public’s interest in aliens remains intact.

The popular History TV show Ancient Aliens captures a similar sentiment. The show is full of speculation, theories, and some interesting questions that make you ponder the overlapping boundaries of science and mythology. Although many movies have been based on this theme, Ancient Aliens stands out.

Ancient Aliens has been airing for a decade. The show premiered in 2009 and ran for 18 seasons. The first episode of season 19 aired on January 7, 2023. The show is getting good feedback and it is all set to release episode 7 very soon. Let’s take a look at what we’ve seen in Season 19.

Ancient Aliens is full of speculation and theories. (Credits- Historia TV)

Summary of Ancient Aliens season 19 episodes

The reason Ancient Aliens is so popular with fans lies in the depth of investigation that is presented in each episode. Seasoned storyteller Robert Clotworthy and Swiss writer Giorgio Tsoukalos take viewers on a fun journey. Both have been a part of the show since its inception.

Episode 1: UFO Hot Spots

Ancient Aliens Season 19 Episode 1 premiered on January 6, 2023. The first episode focused on UFO sightings. Robert and Giorgio reveal that UFO sightings don’t actually happen randomly. According to studies on the subject, most UFO sightings occur at specific hotspots.

These hotspots have captured mysterious visions, flashing lights, etc. which are difficult to explain. UFO sightings have been reported for thousands of years. Giorgio says exploring these hotspots could help uncover some pertinent clues about UFOs.

Last episode of Ancient Aliens

The first episode of season 19 aired on January 7, 2023 (Credits- History TV)

Episode 2: The Crop Circle Code

The next episode explored crop circle formations. Experts have found thousands of different crop formations spanning more than 50 countries. These crop circles contain the mystery of a cracked alien presence.

Episode 3: The Mystery of the Lost Civilization

When researchers discovered the prehistoric megalithic site of Karahan Tepe in Turkey, their entire camp went wild. At that time, people did not believe that people could build something as complex as a monument. This 11,000-year-old structure may have been built by giants, not humans.

Episode 4: The Power of the Obelisks

Some people assume that the obelisks found in ancient Egypt were used to power a mechanism that allowed humanity to converse only with the deities that resided in the heavens. This episode focused on revealing interesting information about the obelisks.

how to see ancient aliens

There are many places that seem to be visited by aliens (Credits- History TV)

Episode 5: The MUFON Files

Mutual UFO Network is an international organization dedicated to academic research on interstellar spacecraft and other varieties of extraterrestrial encounters. After more than half a century of research, the substantial database maintained by MUFON may contain strong indications of extraterrestrial contact in space.

Episode 6: Cosmic Impacts

The last episode aired on February 17, 2023. The episode focused on investigating meteor impacts. They have held crucial significance for centuries. Human civilization greatly benefited from the metals obtained due to meteorite impacts.

For a long time, these impacts have been limited to the acquisition and study of metals. But new research looks at the evidence linking cosmic impacts to extraterrestrials. Maybe these are being sent by aliens.

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Ancient Aliens Episode Schedule

Ancient Aliens takes you on a fun and magical journey (Credits- History TV)

Ancient Aliens Season 19 Episode 7 Preview

Fans are looking forward to the release of Ancient Aliens Episode 7. Well, the episode titled “Close Encounters of the Fifth Kind” will explore more about these extraterrestrial beings.

Investigators will look for clues to determine if such an encounter has occurred. Or perhaps this classification will be discussed in the future. The focus will be on the possibility of encounters in real life.

Ancient Aliens Season 19 Episode Recap

New episodes explore creativity (Credits- History TV)

Ancient Aliens Season 19 Episode 7 Streaming Guide

Ancient Aliens Season 19 Episode 7 will be released on February 24, 2023. The episodes will air on History TV. You can also check out previous episodes and BTS moments on the TV History website. The episode can also be watched on Hulu, Amazon Prime, AppleTV, and Netflix.

Ancient Aliens Season 19 Episode 7 Release Date and Time

The episode will air on History TV on February 24 at 9 pm ET. Other fans can watch it at 1pm AEDT (February 25), 7:30am IST (February 25), 2am GMT (February 25), and 11am JST (February 25).

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