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Black Clover Chapter 366 Spoilers

Black Clover Chapter 366 marks the comeback of one of Lucius’ most powerful paladins against everyone’s favorite anti-magic Black Bull, Asta, who has picked up some skills in the Land of Sunshine! Without waiting another second, let’s dive into this…

Jinx Chapter 29 Preview: Things Are Changing

Jinx Chapter 29, or the series as a whole, is making everyone’s head spin as it becomes increasingly unclear what the fuss is about. We know one for sure thanks to the author’s understanding of how human relationships work and…

Black Clover Chapter 366 Spoilers, Release Date

Black Clover Chapter 365 gets intense as the Black Bulls struggle to stop Damnatio. However, Asta’s long-awaited appearance in this chapter brings hope to the Black Bulls. Will he be able to defeat Damnatio and save the Black Bulls in…