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Ayakashi Triangle Chapter 120 Release Date, Time, Recap, and Reading Guide

Ayakashi Triangle Chapter 120 Release Date, Time, Recap, and Reading Guide

A story of Shirogane, your usual fluffy furry friend… Friend? More like a demon! Shirogane is a yokai. You may be wondering what a yokai is. Well, a yokai is a supernatural entity. Our beloved cat is an Ayakashi, a kind of yokai. His harmless appearance can fool even the sharpest individual.

A malevolent spirit, Shirogane comes across a young woman named Suzu Kanade. She is not an ordinary village beauty. She is endowed with exceptional power to distinguish and converse with supernatural spirits: Ayakashi.

He has a childhood friend, an exorcist ninja named Matsuri Kazamaki. The Matsuri lineage is the exceptional Kazamaki clan tasked with capturing the evil Ayakashi. He is always around to protect the foolish Suzu. Shirogane is waiting to devour Suzu, as that would lead him to gain spiritual energy.

behold! He attacks, but wait, Matsuri is here to protect his dear friend. A fight ensues and takes an unexpected turn. Shirogane, the king of Ayakashi, is cornered by a boy. His jutsu is immensely powerful and Shirogane has nowhere to go.

Still, Shirogane is determined, because he doesn’t want to be the reason these young people get involved in romantic acts (though he is wrong), and a transmutation occurs. He Transforms Matsuri, an esteemed fledgling ninja, into a female form! A comic element indeed! However, the adventures have only just begun. This introduction of “Ayakashi’s Triangle” is just a mouthful of a fountain of surprises.

Ayakashi’s triangle

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Ayakashi Triangle Chapter 119 Summary

Ayakashi Triangle Chapter 119, titled “A Fake”, has a lot to do with the two Matsuris. The real and the fake. A deep investigation into the complicated relationship between the characters and the transpiration of the events sets the background of this chapter.

The female Matsuri has left, and the real Matsuri notices her phone is missing. Ah, he left it in the pocket of his uniform, the one the Matsuri woman wore. Meanwhile, the Matsuri woman is at Nino Kuru’s house. She is well received, with hot food on the table. She politely declines the hospitality offered, but the recipient reveals that she has been very helpful to Soga and that her kindness has been rewarded with treats.

Ayakashi's triangle

Ayakashi’s triangle

Haya invites the female Matsuri into a hot bath to bewilder. Well, Matsuri goes into the tub, but she’s already taken. The occupier is none other than Matsuri’s rival! Her rival Soga wants to leave and give her space, but Matsuri asks her to stay from her. They are submerged in the bathtub, face to face. Soga asks if something happened between the male Matsuri and Suzu Kanade. Matsuri responds, with her being the fake Matsuri, leading to an atypical request.

Matsuri has an unusual plea, imploring Soga to take her as his wife because living in the same house as the male Matsuri is challenging. This leads to Soga being surprised. Matsuri is kicked out of the shower by Soga for an outrageous request, and then she walks away from her. Miss Lucy is revealed to be here.

What will happen next? Is Matsuri going to be Miss Lucy’s protector? We’ll find out. Patience, my dear patience!

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Ayakashi Triangle Chapter 120 Release Date

The next chapter of Ayakashi Triangle will be released on 12 and February 13, 2023. The times are as follows: –

  • Central Daylight Time: 8:30 pm CDT (February 12, 2023)
  • Pacific Daylight Time: 6:30 pm PDT (February 12, 2023)
  • Eastern Daylight Time: 9:30 pm EST (February 12, 2023)
  • India Standard Time: 8:00 am (February 13, 2023)
  • Philippine Standard Time: 10:30 am (February 13, 2023)
  • Japanese Standard Time: 11:30 am (February 13, 2023)
  • British Standard Time: 3:30am BST (February 13, 2023)
  • Singapore time: 10:30 am (February 13, 2023)
  • Australian Eastern Daylight Time: 1:30 pm (13 February 2023)
  • Korea Standard Time: 11:30 am (February 13, 2023)

How to read chapter 120 of Ayakashi’s Triangle?

Ayakashi Triangle Chapter 120 will be available on the official Manga Plus page. The previous chapters can also be read in Viewing Media. The other details related to the manga can be easily accessed through its official website. AyakashiTriangle. There has also been an anime adaptation of the Ayakashi Triangle manga that has made a name for itself. If you like reading this manga, you should also consider watching the anime.

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