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Bad Thinking Diary Chapter 42: Release date, spoilers and where to read

Bad Thinking Diary Chapter 42: Release date, spoilers and where to read

Girls Love The Manhwa Bad Thinking Diary returns with chapter 42 next week, and with Yuna and Minji’s love story heading in a different direction, the manhwa gives us additional clues as to what could happen between the two. Minji and Yuna are best friends from high school, but things start to heat up between the two when Minji has an erotic dream about her and Yuna. It’s clear from the start that Yuna has feelings for Minji, but Minji, the clumsy and clueless person, has no idea about Yuna’s unrequited love.

But when Minji tells Yuna about her erotic dream, Yuna finally plucks up the courage not to hold back any longer. After that day, she takes small steps to make Minji realize that she doesn’t consider her just a friend. Minji confesses her feelings to Yuna from time to time in a casual way, which hurts her because every time she does it in a casual way, she doesn’t consider that the two of them could become a couple.

Yuna always looks out for Minji and takes care of her when she gets drunk, but during their general meeting, Minji starts to have feelings for one of her seniors, putting an end to Yuna’s unrequited love. What will happen when Minji finds out about Yuna’s feelings for her?

Will she reciprocate his feelings, or will that end their year-long friendship? To find out what happens in this tragic girl’s love manhwa, read Bad Thinking Diary Chapter 42. Let’s find out the release date of chapter 42 and where you can read the manhwa online.

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Summary of Bad Thinking Diary Chapter 41

In the previous chapter, Minji hates going to school after Yuna pretends that Minji doesn’t exist in her life. Minji was thinking about what he should say to Hyera if she asks about the two of them.

diary of bad thoughts

Minji receives a text from Minseok and is excited that he finally got a text from Yuna; however, all of her emotion vanishes when he discovers that it is not hers but Minseok’s.

Minseok apologizes to Minji for what happened in front of the clubroom. Minji is confused as to why he is apologizing to her and realizes something is off. She needs to be more informed about what it is about.

Minji remembers her kiss with Yuna and becomes even more depressed because it’s the month of May and the sky is blue, but she’s not with Yuna anymore. She finally accepts that if she wasn’t stupid, things wouldn’t have turned out like this.

Minjae arrives to meet Minji, asking her about the clubroom incident and telling her that Minseok apologized for it. Minjae tells her that she’s fine because she already explained that it was a misunderstanding.

Minji questions him about what he did after Minjae, and Minji tells him that she wants to move on too. Minjae asks her, since everything is finally resolved, why did she call her? Minji confesses that Yuna told her everything and records the entire conversation on her phone.

Bad Thinking Diary Chapter 42 Release Date and Time

Bad Thinking Diary Chapter 42 will be released on WednesdayFebruary 22, 2023and you can find the international manhwa schedule in your region in the list below:

  • Pacific Daylight Time: 8:00 am PDT (February 22, 2023)
  • Central Daylight Time: 10:00 am CDT (February 22, 2023)
  • Eastern Daylight Time: 11:00 am EDT (February 22, 2023)
  • British Summer Time: 5:00pm BST (22 Feb 2023)
  • India Standard Time: 9:30pm IST (22 Feb 2023)
  • Singapore Standard Time: 00:00 SGT (February 23, 2023)
  • Philippine Standard Time: 00:00 PST (February 23, 2023)
  • Japanese Standard Time: 1:00 AM JST (February 23, 2023)
  • Australian Time: 3:00 AM AEST (February 23, 2023)

Where to read Bad Thinking Diary Chapter 42

Bad Thinking Diary Chapter 42 will be available to readers in lezhin comics. The manhwa was published digitally in Spanish on Lezhin last year, but since the platform only provides the manhwa in Spanish, non-Spanish speaking readers can find the scan of chapter 42 in their native language online.

Although we strongly recommend that you read the manhwa only from the official platforms, since it is currently not available in other foreign languages, you can wait for the manhwa to be released in your native language in the future.

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