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Beginning after the end Chapter 176: Can Arthur predict what comes next?

Beginning after the end Chapter 176: Can Arthur predict what comes next?

Beginning After Ending Chapter 176 draws closer and so does impending doom for Arthur as the warships approach. In a completely unexpected way, Arthur (who was going to be the savior of the humans) ends up being the one to end his Doom.

Why is the threat of warships so devastating? Wasn’t the goal of magic and awakeners to be able to defeat everything that stands in the way? The author decided to keep things realistic, making this threat seem real.

However, it wasn’t just Arthur who was shaken by the presence of his world’s knowledge. Many fans were surprised to see the giant that Arthur proposed in the design come to life.

It would have been one thing if his side had adopted and used those designs. However, their only weapons are mana and the people with the core in this war or the things they mainly worked on. While Arthur was the ray of hope, his past life blueprint brought visions of Doom.

DC; Home after the final franchise

Beginning after the end Chapter 176: Events so far

Beginning after the end Chapter 176 was going on a lot, and the previous events don’t have Arthur in them. We are introduced to the war through the eyes of the Vanguard, who set out to fight and act as the first line of defense. They haven’t had much in terms of strength, but they could top the first volley relatively easily for their first fight. But they still lost ten members and drowned their worries with victory.

Although they were proud of their victory, they were expressionless when they met Arthur. He had been able to defeat the SSS-class monster single-handedly and without support. While this meant they had someone they could count on, it made his effort count for nothing compared to his wins.

It’s not the right attitude, but for people who were full of themselves to the point of ignoring comrades, it’s not unnatural for them to feel slighted by someone superior. However, all of this is a front for the war to come.

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Beginning After the End Chapter 176: Who is the traitor?

Beginning after the end Chapter 176 will raise the question that has been on the reader’s mind for the first time. Although this question is present in every Isekai manga (as a reincarnating mastermind) or manhua, it is not exactly explored.

However, when it comes to Manhwa, the industry is all about exploring the sides and possibilities that its Japanese counterpart ignored. What if there was another person who had been Isekai’d? Despite Arthur’s doubts that they are one, there is no one. [Regression Training Manual is another excellent example of that subversion]

In the novels, the war has been going on for a long time. It’s spread over the years, with characters going through multiple changes and some dying as new faces arrive on the scene. We won’t go into the details of that, but we will say that the possibility of them being another reincarnated shakes the foundation of the story quite a bit. Also, it is subtly hinted that the person on the other continent might be none other than Arthut, though it was never confirmed.

Beginning after the end Chapter 176

DC; Home after the final franchise

Beginning After the End Chapter 176: The Curse of Reincarnation

As Beginning After The End Tapas Chapter 176 kicks off, we couldn’t help but wonder what will happen next in the story. So, we let our curiosity get the better of us and we immersed ourselves in the novels.

And we can confidently say that the next few chapters won’t be as one-sided or miraculous as things may seem right now. For someone calculating like Arthur, it would be unfair for things to be like this.

Arthur takes it upon himself to deal with the approaching army and confronts them head on. He was ready to use force, but he was surprised to learn that they were willing to negotiate peacefully.

Arthur was made uncomfortable by this, mainly because the designs were stolen and they were treasonous. However, this catches him off guard as the Alacryans pulled a surprise to catch them off guard, causing everyone to lose their composure. And no one questions why they would do it in the first place if they had a fleet.

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