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Black Clover Chapter 351 Full Summary and Raw Scans: The Strongest of the Ryuzen Seven!

Black Clover Chapter 351 Full Summary and Raw Scans: The Strongest of the Ryuzen Seven!

Black Clover chapter 351 spoilers and raw scans are out and as Sister Lily goes to bed, events continue in the land of the rising sun. The chapter describes the past of how Ryu became a shogun and why the strongest person in the land of sunrise, Yosuga, follows Ryu and the other members of the seven Ryuzen alike.

Recent chapters in the series have focused on bringing back the characters who are regressing due to the Paladins’ attacks in the Land of the Rising Sun and the next chapter in the series could be the last one about the events in this land.

There are only three days left until Judgment Day and while we had thought that Asta would defeat the five headed dragon at the start of the chapter and move on to the upcoming events, it will take more than cuts for the dragon to be down. Since it’s a five-headed dragon, we think it’s going to take five people to cut off the dragon’s head at the same time to stop the dragon and the next chapter of Black Clover will probably do just that.

Well, that’s a discussion for another day, for now, let’s take a look at all the spoilers and raw scans of the chapter that will be released this Sunday. With that being said, here we bring you the latest updates of the Black Clover manga series.

Black Clover Chapter 351 Full Summary and Raw Scans

Black Clover Chapter 351 titled “The Land of the Sun Shogun, and…” continued the events of the last chapter with Asta facing the five-headed dragon alone. The first three pages of Black Clover Chapter 351 saw Asta fighting the five-headed dragon alone and injuring it one after another.

However, the dragon can continue to regenerate and recover its health. Therefore, Asta begins to worry and wonders what she should do next. Meanwhile, Yosuga continues to fight the remaining Paladin alone, in which the latter uses his glacial projectile attacks on Yosuga.

However, none of these attacks are working on Yosuga and he even taunts Paladin that all of his attacks serve no purpose other than to be flashy. Paladin begins to worry and says that he can’t afford to lose here to Lucius’s fair new world. Yosuga says that he doesn’t care what he and his leader want, but that he is only here to take down opponents for the sake of his Shogun.

Yosuga and Ryu’s journey to become the Shogun

A flashback then occurs through Yosuga’s monologue revealing that he was the strongest in his clan and in the land of the shogun from a very young age. The only one who could keep up with his abilities was Ryu from the land of Goshu. The two became friends and rivals to see who would become the shogun.

However, when they were seventeen years old, an epidemic occurred in the land of the sun that resulted in the deaths of people across the nation with fewer than Yoruku. The only way to save them was to obtain the legendary Living Soul Grass. In order to find this herb, one had to obtain the power called «Tengentsu», which is considered an all-seeing eye, and the only ones sufficient to obtain this power were Ryu or Yosuga, as they contained the most Yoroku.

Yosegu was willing to let the weak die rather than give up his Yoroku that would help him become the Shogun, however Ryu did not hesitate and gave up his power to save the weak. He continued to do so and had people from all over the country follow him and when it came time to decide who will be the shogun, Yosuga says that everyone already accepts Ryu as shogun and despite having the most amount of power in the country, he he decides to follow Ryu as Shogun.

Returning to the present, Yosuga demonstrates his powers and easily defeats the Paladin. Meanwhile, the other members of the seven Ryuzen wake up worried about the dragon, but Ryu’s cheerful voice brings the members back up and they follow his and Asta’s orders to defeat the five-headed dragon.