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Black Clover Chapter 351 Release Date – The fight is paying off now

Black Clover Chapter 351 Release Date – The fight is paying off now

Their parents left two children behind for dying alone in the same church, and that same day, Asta and Yuno grew up together as children, and as they grew older, they found themselves with the position of “Wizard King”. ”, who is considered the strongest magician with extraordinary magical abilities.

When they found out about this, they promised each other that they would compete with each other for the title and work hard every day to reach the top. However, according to legend, nothing goes as planned in this cursed world.

As they entered their pre-teens, it became a fact for everyone that there was a very big difference between the two of them. Yuno is proficient enough to use great magical powers and has very refined control over them.

Asta, on the other hand, has the short end of the stick and can’t use magic at all. He forces himself to try to awaken his magical powers by training all day and night. He used to exhaust himself every day just to meet the standards of the promise he made to his friend.

As they become 15-year-olds, Yuno receives a four-leaf clover in Grimoire, but Asta receives absolutely nothing. When other people see Yuno’s Grimoire, they get jealous, and one of them even attacks him to take it away.

Asta tries to save his brother as a friend, but he can’t do anything worthy because he’s not his match. Just when he’s ready to accept the fact that he’s in no condition to be someone who can fight the attacker, he hears Yuno’s voice and gets up to fight again.

Hearing his voice, Asta gets a very different kind of anger made up of all the deep seated emotions and his love for his friend; she obtains a Five Leaf Clover Grimoire, which is called “Black Clover”.

This Grimoire gave him so much power that he defeats the attacker and restores his faith in himself. Well, this is the anime version of “Where there is a will, there is a way”. They went out into the world again to become the Wizard King once more.

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Summary of Black Clover Chapter 350: “The Confession of the Holy Woman”

The chapter begins with the “sister” telling Asta her story as her last words. She first apologizes for what she’s been doing and what she’s done so far to so many people and also for saying some really bad things to her.

She tells Asta that all she wanted to do was rid the world of the noble realm’s magical discrimination. To solve the problem, she joined the church, hoping that the situation would be different, but unfortunately it was not.

The brothers decide to become the Wizard King by competing against each other. (Credit: YouTube)

She expresses how sad she is inside that she couldn’t help people even after trying with everything she has. The other guy says the truth is quite different. He tells her that she has successfully saved Asta, and now he has become tougher than ever.

She tells Ryu to lean on him, the boy she saved. With that said, Ryu is lost in the daytime effect of Earth. She reminds Asta that there are only three days left before the big day, Judgment Day.

Black Clover - Chapter 351 Release Date: The fight is paying off now

Asta has a hard time fighting people with magical powers (Credit: YouTube)

In the battle in the kingdom of clovers, the boy also tells Asta that Lucius is preparing and that he should do the same. Lucius can now combine the bodies, blood, and bone magic of Zogratis’ brothers with his own soul. This has helped him gain immense power.

Black Clover – Chapter 351 Release Date: The fight is paying off now

Black Clover – Chapter 351 release date is February 19, 2022. The chapter title is The fight is paying off now.

  • Pacific Time: 7:00 am (February 19)
  • Central time: 9:00 am (February 19)
  • Eastern time: 10:00 am (February 19)
  • British time: 3:00 pm (February 19)
  • European time: 5:00 pm (February 19)
  • India time: 8:30 pm (February 19)
  • Japan time: 12:00 am (February 20)

Black Clover – Chapter 351: Where to read online?

This manga is available to read online on its official site and also on VERBIGRACIA, The Official Shonen Jump. These are official sites to access this manga online and post the chapter of the same regularly as per the mentioned release date.