Black Summoner Season 2: What is the Crunchyroll release date?

All the info about the release of Black Summoner Season 2 on Crunchyroll! release date etc.

Black Summoner is available on Crunchyroll! If you want to know everything about the release of Season 2, read on! Another day, another set of anime series reach their respective finales today, as we say goodbye to Aoashi, Teppen, Engage Kiss, Lycoris Recoil and Black Summoner.

This last series Black Summoner, has somewhat slipped off the radar of the Summer 2022 grid, with Overlord and Uncle From Another World arguably being Isekai’s top picks from this grid.

However, there is still a community of fans who followed the first season of Black Summoner and looking forward to what the future holds. Before the release of episode 12, Black Summoner has not yet been publicly renewed for a season 2, but what are the chances of the anime continuing with a second production? We tell you everything about the Black Summoner Season 2 released on Crunchyroll!

What is the release date for Black Summoner Season 2?

The first season ended on September 24, 2022. Currently, no renewal announcements have been made regarding the Black Summoner Season 2 release on Crunchyroll. The good news is that there is plenty of source material left to produce a season 2 of Black Summoner after episode 12 aired.

As of September 2022, a total of 17 complete Tankobon volumes have been released in Japan, meaning there is potentially enough source material for six full 12-episode seasons. However, a worrying doubt has been raised: Black Summoner might not be popular enough to warrant a second anime season.

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Only time will tell. In the case of a renewal, the release date of the Season 2 of Black Summoner on Crunchyroll should be set for fall 2023!

black summoner season 2

What can we expect next?

In the Black Summoner Season 2, in addition to launching an invasion of its neighboring countries, the infamous Order of the Dragon Knights of Trycen are now closing in on Parth, led by Crown Prince Azgrad himself. The only thing standing between this fearsome army of ancient warriors and dragons and the City of Peace are the summoner’s determined companions and allies, who have been given the task of stalling until the arrival reinforcements.

At the same time, Tristan Faaze, the general of the Order of Magic Knights, hatches a terrible plot within Trycen itself, targeting Shutola, the princess and general of the Black Ops, who cries over the fate of her country.

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