Bleach: What is Soul Society? Rules, Deaths, Souls etc.

Find out what Soul Society is in Bleach!

Bleach Thousand Year Blood War will soon be available on Disney Plus! If you want to know what is Soul Society, read on! The Soul Society is the setting for much of Bleach, since it is the home of the shinigami, after all. It’s a place that anyone who’s watched the anime or read the manga is familiar with, but there’s so much under the surface. It’s more than the home of the shinigami and the Gotei 13, it’s an entire society, as the name suggests.

Many of these have been mentioned in the series in passing or through a dreaded lore dump. So if you arrive in the universe of Bleach with the new season, here is what what is soul society !

What is Soul Society?

The Soul Society is one of two places souls can go after they die, the other being hell. This is where most of the story takes place. Bleach, and his story will play an important role in the upcoming arc. Yes, in case you forgot, the entire Bleach takes place in the afterlife, and the Soul Society is where souls and shinigami reside. The Soul Society is designed as a giant city enclosed by a ring of giant walls.

The outer quarter, called Rukongai, houses human souls in modest villages. The inner city is where the shinigami live and operate, with several districts controlled by their respective Gotei 13 squads. To purchase the manga, click here. Otherwise, to take advantage of the Kindle format with a 14-day free trial, it’s here.

When a soul dies in the SoulSociety, she is reincarnated into the human world with no memory of her past life. Knowing this makes it a little easier to bear all the deaths caused by Aizen and the Quincy. It’s good to know that Unohana and even Yamamoto will find a way to be reborn in new bodies. To find out who the Quincy are, it’s here.

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Everyone knows that age is considerably slowed down in the Soul Society, Yamamoto being a clear example. Not everyone in Soul Society can extend their life to such ridiculous levels. Only shinigami and rare Rukongai residents with high spiritual pressure can reach Yamamoto’s lifespan. Most live between 400 and 500 years. To know the powers of Yhwach, read this.

bleach soul society

While the Central 46 are anonymous peons when it comes to characters, they do have some influence in the hierarchy of the SoulSociety. It shows that there has always been a check and a balance in the SoulSociety. Just like the president in real life, they can’t do whatever they want. To know everything about the Wandenreich, it’s here.

The two forms of execution of Soul Society are a giant halberd that had the destructive power of over a million Zanpakuto, capable of completely destroying a soul on contact. The second is even worse, the prisoner is placed in a pit walled up with a type of stone that absorbs spiritual energy, leaving the prisoner powerless. Once he is, the hollows are unleashed in the pit until the prisoner is finally torn apart.

At first glance, one might think that Soul Society is feudal Japan, and that the majority of its population lives in the same way. They have very little technology, and live in a world of low fantasy. Yet the shinigami research institute freely uses devices that we own today and some that even surpass what we have.

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