Bleach: Who are the Quincys? Clan, Society, Particularity etc.

Find out who the Quincy are in Bleach Thousand Year Blood War! Explanation and history of the Clan!

Bleach Thousand Year Blood War will soon be available on Disney Plus! If you want to know who are the quincy, read on! The fans of Bleach all know Uryu Ishida, the last Quincybut his clan has grown since the anime with the arrival of new characters. The Quincys are powerful human warriors who can manipulate reishi to power their spiritual weapons and fight against the Hollows to rid the world of evil.

The fans of Bleach don’t see much Quincy Clan, Uryu and his family being known to be one of the few survivors. Although the Shinigami are suspicious of Ichigo’s mate, Uryu is welcomed into the fight against Aizen, albeit reluctantly. However, the existence of the Clan Quincy becomes crucial to the survival of the Universe as their corrupt leader, Yhwach, makes a major power play, with all efforts leading to the final battle in Bleach Thousand Year Blood War.

Who are the Quincy?

The Quincy are actually human-looking mediums who are descendants of the Soul King. This is due to the fact that their king, Ywach, is the son of the Soul King. Yhwach’s blood flows in all Quincy who were born and his direct relationship with the King of Souls caused certain powerful parts of the omniscient being’s body to become Quincy. To purchase the manga, click here. Otherwise, to take advantage of the Kindle format with a 14-day free trial, it’s here.

The special power of a Quincy is an ability known as Blut that allows them to absorb reishi energy into their blood vessels, granting them ridiculous amounts of fearsome power. Another skill unique to Quincy is the Shadow Technique, which allows them to move undetected and teleport between shadows. Yhwach used this technique to teleport their city, Wandenreich, to an alternate dimension he had created in the shadows. To know everything about the Wandenreich, it’s here.

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This maneuver led the Gotei 13 to believe that the Quincy were extinguished when they were actually hidden in a shadow dimension. There they waited for the perfect opportunity to exact revenge on Soul Society, a revenge that was perfectly justified. Quincy is a society where undeniable strength reigns and where “survival of the fittest” is more a reality than a motto. The Quincy are not particularly attached to loyalty, except for their collective allegiance to their ruler, Yhwach.

who are the quincy

The Quincies are also very technologically advanced, as they have the ability to steal the Bankai from the powerful captains of the Gotei 13. Another interesting note on the company Quincy is that there is a division between those of pure Quincy blood and those who are mixed with human blood, otherwise known as mixed blood. The Quincy purebloods participate in arranged marriages to keep their bloodlines pure. To know the powers of Yhwach, read this.

The Quincy have one glaring weakness, something they hate and fear even more than the Soul Reapers: The Hollow. The soul-eating spirits of Hueco Mundo are poison to the anatomy of Quincy and can destroy them completely. The Quincy must destroy the Hollows to survive, unlike the Soul Reapers who purify the Hollows to maintain the balance of the Human World, Soul Society, and Hueco Mundo. To find out how many episodes the series will have, read this.

The Quincy, who wield the bow, represent one of the most unique and untold aspects of the Bleach universe: a proud and powerful society once lost in obscurity. The tragedy and fearsome power of the Quincies makes The Children of Yhwach undoubtedly one of Tite Kubo’s best additions to Bleach.

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