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Blue Exorcist Chapter 139: Rest from heavy work! Release date and details

The famous Blue Exorcist manga has won the hearts of fans since its release. However, fans were met with a disappointing break in May 2022. Being patient paid off for fans as the manga returned after a nine-month hiatus. The manga chapters have been interestingly exciting and action packed. Bad news falls on the manga once again. Blue Exorcist chapter 139 of the manga will be delayed for a bit. However, fans can be sure that the manga will be back soon. So, here are all the details on the hiatus.

The Blue Exorcist manga was first published in 2009. It previously went on hiatus in July 2021. However, it returned in May 2022. The manga currently has 25 million copies in circulation. It is also very popular and has two television anime series as well. The Blue Exorcist movie also previously opened in Japan in December 2012. Despite its success, the manga is currently on hiatus again. So, read on to find out more about the reason for the hiatus and the manga’s return date.

Blue Exorcist Chapter Teaser

Blue Exorcist Chapter 139: Official Break Announcement

Mangaka Kazue Kato posted on her official Twitter account that the manga will be on hiatus for two months. The manga will not have new chapters in the March and April issues of Shueisha’s Jump SQ magazine. The Blue Exorcist manga will be taking a long break, not due to illness or health reasons. Rather, he is taking a break as the mangaka is busy working on the drawings for the next chapter.

According to the post, Kato has been working on the drawings for the next chapter for over a month. He will take a break to adjust to being overworked. She further adds that she is currently in good condition and is doing well. Kato also asks his fans for patience.

Blue Exorcist Chapter C Trailer

What is the manga about?

The manga follows Rin Okumura, who has never met his real father. Father Fujimoto, a famous exorcist, has been raising him all his life. One day, Rin is faced with a terrible truth after an argument with Father Fujimoto. He reveals that Rin has the blood of Satan running through his veins. This makes Rin swear to defeat Satan.

However, it would mean that he would have to enter the mysterious True Cross Academy. He will also have to become an exorcist himself. Will Rin be able to fight the demons and at the same time keep his lineage a secret? It won’t be easy for Rin when drawing his father’s swords unleashes the demonic powers he holds within him.

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Blue Exorcist Chapter 139: Release Date

The manga will return in the magazine’s May issue. The magazine will launch in April this year. This is the Spring 2023 roster. We’ll be sure to update this section as soon as there are more details on it. So please be patient and wait for the manga to come back soon. Until then, keep reading The Anime Daily to find out more.

The Blue Exorcist Post Chapter 139: Heavy Workload Rest! The release date and details.