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Blue Lock Chapter 207 Spoilers & Raw Scans: Nagi has a new goal and Kaiser wants to step out of Noel Noa’s shadow.

Blue Lock Chapter 207 Spoilers & Raw Scans: Nagi has a new goal and Kaiser wants to step out of Noel Noa's shadow.

Spoilers for Blue Lock Chapter 207 have been released, and they focus on the two pairs Nagi & Reo and Kaiser & Ness. While it’s clear that Nagi and Kaiser want to defeat Isagi, they both have other goals, which they are either figuring out or will share in the next chapter.

The previous chapter focused on Hiori’s story and how he was forced by his parents to play football. Both were never able to become the best in their field and therefore wanted Hiori to become the best football player. It was obvious to Hiori that his parents didn’t love him, only his potential.

Blue Lock Chapter 207 Spoilers Reveal Kaiser’s Aspiration To Leave B*stard Munchen

According to Blue Lock Chapter 207 spoilers, the title of the next chapter will be Two Pair. The chapter opens with Nagi and Reo taking a bath after their match against Germany’s B*stard Munchen. Although they lost, they had plenty to cheer about as Nagi and Reo were valued at $80 million and $40 million respectively.

While Reo was happy, Nagi was indifferent, that’s when Reo showed him a video of Nagi scoring his goal. The video went around the world, which meant that Nagi was becoming known around the world.

Nagi was still upset about being beaten by Isagi, but Reo cheered him up by drying his hair and joining him for a latte.

Nagi then shared how he couldn’t imagine himself being the best in the world anymore, as his only goal was to defeat Isagi. So, Reo helped Nagi find a new goal he could achieve. Reo explained to Nagi that he would have to play football to try to get an annual salary of $300 million if he wanted to live a lavish life without work.

Nagi flared up and thanked Reo for his help, as well as asking him to play soccer in the first place. This worried Reo as he felt like Nagi was sick, but Nagi wanting to thank Reo was a sign that he was becoming more mature.

Blue Lock Chapter 207 spoilers then move to Germany Control Room where Kaiser analyzes Isagi’s playstyle against Manshine City. Ness entered the room, giving Kaiser blue-light glasses to protect his eyes from the screen. Kaiser thanked Ness as he began to share his ideals.

Kaiser crushed everyone who came before him, and he thought he could do the same to Isagi. However, the Blue Lock ace exceeded his expectations.

Kaiser asked Ness why he thought Isagi exceeded his expectations. Ness believed the reason Isagi beat Kaiser was because he gave up on his goal of scoring the goal, but only wanted to beat Kaiser.

Kaiser already knew that, so he threw his drink in Ness’s face. For Kaiser, Isagi was an obstacle on his way to happiness, as he yearned to increase his market value and show the world how good he was.

Kaiser wanted to leave B*stard Muchen to step out of Noel Noa’s shadow, which is why he joined the Neo Egoist League. However, with Isagi in his way, it might be difficult for Kaiser to show off his skill.

Ness excused himself and walked out of the room as he was visibly frustrated with how Kaiser had been since Isagi appeared.

Final Thoughts on the Blue Lock Chapter

Blue Lock Chapter 207 showed how successful Isagi was in influencing others, as he was now under the radar of his teammates and opponents.

Additionally, both Nagi and Kaiser have been shown to aim to increase their market value through the Neo Egoist League, which is a good parallel to draw.

For more details on this, fans will have to wait for the official release of Blue Lock Chapter 207.