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Blue Lock Episode 17: The Test of Bonds! Plot and release date

In the last episode, fans saw the fire in Barou’s eyes. He reluctantly trained with his new allies. But the true test of the bonds was yet to come when the team clashed with old allies. Reo and Nagi, once close, now find themselves on opposite sides of a gathering storm. Here is everything you need to know about the Blue Lock Episode 17 release date and plot!

Next time on Blue Lock, fans will see the start of a new showdown. Isagi and Nagi will do their best to steal the goals. The answers will surprise and intrigue all fans! However, keep reading for all the details!

blue lock episode 17

Blue Lock Episode 17: What will happen next?

Blue Lock episode 17 title is not out yet. But it will focus on the game in progress. Isagi and Nagi face a challenge on the pitch as they try to find a way to score goals without Barou’s help. He has refused to work with them to score goals. This situation presents an opportunity for Isagi to dig deeper into Barou’s playstyle. He will figure out how to use it to his advantage. As the plot progresses, fans get to learn more about Barou and what drives him on the pitch.

On the other hand, the plot will also focus on the impressive dynamic between Reo, Chigiri, and Kunigami. With Reo’s great abilities, Chigiri and Kunigami will be able to make quick and precise movements on the field. This will allow them to execute counterattacks in a much better way. The plot can also see a confrontation between Nagi and Reo when they face off on the field. With the union of teamwork and individual talent, the plot promises to be an exciting and action-packed experience for anime fans.

blue lock episode 17

A quick summary!

Blue Lock Episode 16 title was ‘Tri-Fusion’. The plot pushed the heroes to their limits. Isagi and Nagi were ready to hone their skills. Thus, they began training under the watchful eye of the strict and experienced Barou. But as they strove to emulate his techniques, Isagi realized that Barou’s philosophy was more relaxed than he first thought. He was content with whatever style of play he led to scoring, a realization that would shape the rest of the episode.

The stage was set for a pivotal moment when the trio came across Reo, Chigiri, and Kunigami. This was the first time Nagi and Reo had faced each other since their split, and the tension between the two was palpable. Reo’s team challenged Isagi’s team to a match in the third stage, which they enthusiastically accepted. As they prepared for the match, both teams came up with their strategies, but it was Reo’s red team that took control from the start. Chigiri’s dazzling run led to a goal, putting pressure on Isagi and his team to catch up.

blue lock episode 17

Blue Lock Episode 17: Release Date

Blue Lock Episode 17 will premiere on Saturday, February 4, 2023. In Japan, it will stream on TV Asahi, while international fans can watch on Crunchyroll. For Asian fans, Netflix will also stream the episode. However, this is only available in certain regions. Get ready for an exciting episode! Keep an eye on Anime Daily for more updates!

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