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Blue Lock manga after episode 24: Where to start reading, explained

Blue Lock manga after episode 24: Where to start reading, explained

With the Blue Lock anime coming to an end, fans of the franchise have a lot to look forward to in the future, especially since the anime has been renewed for a second season. However, after being captivated by the action of the first season, several fans don’t want to take a break from the series.

So, in this article, we are going to see which chapter fans can start reading the manga if they want to learn what happens in the story after the events at the end of the anime. Although it is possible to read the manga from the first chapter, many fans choose not to, given that they have already seen this part of the story in the anime.

Blue Lock: Where to start reading the manga after the anime?

Fans can start reading Blue Lock manga from chapter 95. The anime itself spans 94 chapters of the manga, spanning multiple story arcs including the intro arc (chapters 1-4) , the first selection arc (chapters 5-38), the second selection arc (chapters 39-86), the World’s Best arc (chapters 87-92), and the start of the third selection arc (chapters 93-94 ).

Although the animation studio did an impeccable job in adapting the story from the manga, they made some changes to the dialogues in order to make the anime more palatable to the general public.

Also, studio 8bit chose not to adapt a scene or series of scenes from Chapter 94 as part of the first season.

At the end of the first season, it was revealed that Kunigami Rensuke was eliminated by Ryusei Shidou. Although the anime shows Kunigami walking away after his defeat, it doesn’t show that he was given the option to leave the Blue Lock Project or enter the Wild Card.

The Wild Card is a special opportunity for the eliminated contestants to undergo a different training regimen, which would allow them to have identical strengths to those of Balon d’Or winner Noel Noa. Ego Jinpachi thus tried to transform one of the candidates eliminated from Blue Lock into a player capable of adopting a style of play similar to that of the winner of the World Cup.

The animation studio did not animate the scene where we see Kunigami walk through that door. The production team could have decided to adapt the scene in the second season, or when Kunigami returns later in the series, during the Neo Egoist League arc.

What happened at the end of the anime?

When the anime ended, 8bit decided to leave fans on an exciting note by adapting the start of the Third Selection arc. Ego Jinpachi revealed that the JFU leadership intends to terminate Project Blue Lock. However, to stop this, Ego proposed a match between Blue Lock XI and Japan U-20 team with Sae Itoshi.

If the Japanese U-20 team wins, the whole project will be stopped. However, if Blue Lock XI wins, they will have control of the JFU, giving the contestants a real shot at playing for Team Japan. The anime therefore ended with an allusion to a match between the two teams.