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Boruto Chapter 78 Spoilers and Raw Scans: Kawaki Gives Boruto the Iconic Scar!

Boruto Chapter 78 Spoilers and Raw Scans: Kawaki Gives Boruto the Iconic Scar!

The highly anticipated Boruto Chapter 78 is all set to release in the next issue of Monthly Shonen Jump Magazine and even though there are 3-4 days left before the chapter release, the spoilers and raw scans of the chapter have surfaced. Spoilers reveal the iconic scar we saw at the beginning of the series before the time jump.

It looks like we’re moving on, we’ll finally see the time skip occur and the end of Konoha or, most likely, the entire shinobi world. Boruto Chapter 77 saw Kawaki abandon his mission to keep Eida happy and go to Naruto’s residence.

He told Naruto that he would do whatever he could to protect, even if it meant killing Naruto’s son and brother. It doesn’t matter if they started hating on him after that and we finally got to see what Kawaki had said at the beginning of the Send the Seventh Hokage Somewhere series.

Going forward, we will only be looking at the cheats for the time skip as Boruto Chapter 78 spoilers not only reveal the scar Boruto was seen from the very beginning, but also that it was Kawaki who gave it to him. Well, let’s start with the spoilers and raw scans available for Boruto Chapter 78. Here we bring you the latest updates of the Boruto manga series.

Boruto Chapter 78 spoilers: Kawaki turns red as Konoha tries to stop him

Boruto Chapter 78 spoilers narrate that the chapters are with Himarwari coming home not knowing what had happened, but everyone else in Konoha is panicking due to the sudden disappearance of Naruto and Hinata’s Chakra. Shikamaru asks Eida to use her abilities and check the scene and she confirms that Naruto and Hinata were missing, prompting Boruto to run towards the scene.

As he leaves, Eida warns Boruto that from a conversation he overheard, Kawaki might be planning to kill Boruto again. As Boruto leaves, Sarada chases after him still perplexed that Kawaki tried to kill Boruto once, and she follows him hoping to help or save him in the worsening situation.

At Naruto’s residence, Boruto arrives and understands what just happened. Kawaki revealed how he had sent Naruto and Hinata to a different dimension where time stands still. This will not allow them to age or starve, however Boruto will never be able to see them.

Kawaki gives Boruto his post-timeskip scar

In the future, the fight between the brothers begins and continues for a bit as Boruto tries to reason with Kawaki, but the latter intends to kill Boruto since he is an Otshutsuki. After struggling a bit and displaying his karmic powers, Sarada arrives at the location hoping to help stop Kawaki.

However, Kawaki still intends to kill Boruto and warns Sarada that he won’t hesitate to kill her if she gets in the middle of this. A worried Boruto asks Sarada to leave the scene, but Sarada wants to help Boruto because she can’t see him die. Kawaki charges with an attack that means killing Sarada, but Boruto stops him.

However, in an attempt to save Sarada from Kawaki’s attack, Boruto gains the iconic scar on his right eye. This fight lasted long enough to allow the other Shinobi to reach the location as well, such as Shikamaru, Konohamru, Mitsuki, and the legendary Uchiha.

Shikamaru stops Kawaki using his shadow jutsu technique as Mitsuki wraps him up. Also, Sasuke draws a sword on Kawaki saying that if he resists, he will kill him. Kawaki was trapped, but no one could have anticipated what happened next.

Momoshiki takes charge of Boruto and since he is in control, he helps Kawaki and tells him to run away. Boruto Chapter 78 spoilers end with Momoshiki and Bortuo having a conversation where the former says how those blue eyes of hers will make him lose everything just as he had predicted.

Boruto Chapter 78 will be released on Monday, February 20, 2023 in most regions and will be available to read on Viz Media or Manga Plus for free.

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