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Boruto Chapter 79 Heralds The End Of The Road For Naruto’s Closest Ally

Boruto Chapter 79 Heralds The End Of The Road For Naruto's Closest Ally

Boruto Chapter 79 sent fans into a frenzy with an unexpected twist that was leaked online ahead of the official release. The raw scans for the chapter have given rise to a lot of speculation and theories, especially regarding Sasuke, Naruto’s closest friend.

Fans are concerned about Sasuke’s fate as they believe he might not be influenced by Eida’s divine power, which could have disastrous consequences for his support of Boruto.

Previously, Kawaki managed to escape Sasuke and the others’ grasp, with help from Momoshiki. The story continues as everyone in the village is looking for Kawaki, according to Boruto Chapter 79 spoilers.

As seen in the Boruto Chapter 79 raw scans, after the divine power of Eida reversed Boruto and Kawaki’s history, everyone was influenced, standing up against Boruto and seeing him as a enemy of Konoha, who killed the Seventh Hokage. Except Amado.

It seems that Amado was watching Sasuke, leading to the theory that Sasuke might not be affected by Eida’s power and could play along with everyone. It’s possible that Sasuke will come to Boruto’s defense and fight everyone to protect him, even if he faces harsh consequences, including death.

In another scene, Sasuke mentions that even if they don’t know how the Hokage’s son was killed, it will remain a fact, and there is nothing to do if prejudice is added to it.

From there, we can assume that Sasuke saw this incident coming in advance and prepared for it in advance. Sasuke may have already decided to protect Boruto, even if it means sacrificing his life.

As everyone is influenced by the divine power of Eida, they now view Boruto as an enemy of Konoha, and it’s possible they will adopt zero tolerance towards him. If Sasuke intervenes, he risks suffering serious consequences.

The relationship between Boruto and Sasuke has been an important aspect of the series since the beginning. Boruto considers Sasuke his mentor, and Sasuke has always watched over him. The fact that Boruto wears Sasuke’s headband and cape early in the series is testament to their bond.

It also got fans thinking about Sasuke’s fate. If Sasuke dies protecting Boruto, it will be a big loss for him and for the series as a whole. The Naruto and Boruto fandom will be shattered by the disappearance of one of their beloved characters.

The Boruto Chapter 79 raw scans have left fans with many theories and speculations, especially regarding Sasuke’s whereabouts before the official release.

Boruto Chapter 79 will be a crucial discussion among fans for a long time. Mangaka Masashi Kishimoto and illustrator Mikio Ikemoto have done an outstanding job in depicting the story.

The next chapters of the Boruto manga will reveal whether these speculations are true or not. Until then, fans can only wait and hope for the best.