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Boruto Chapter 81 Release Date and Spoilers

Boruto Chapter 81 Release Date and Spoilers Review

Boruto Chapter 81 might be the biggest in the series so far, as it is heavily speculated that this chapter will kick off the time jump and be a turning point in the manga.

The Boruto fandom was excited for the release of Chapter 80, which ended the first half of the manga. Fans were eagerly awaiting this milestone, as it signified the start of the time jump and the start of a new phase in the story. With the conclusion of Chapter 80, it looks like Boruto has finally reached that turning point, and readers can now look forward to the exciting events that will unfold in the post-time-skip era.

Boruto fans are eagerly awaiting Chapter 81, which should kick off the highly anticipated plot time jump. This means that we won’t get to witness the intensive training that Boruto and his team will go through to grow stronger and defeat their enemies.

In the last board of Chapter 80, Boruto and Sasuke go on a quest for strength to save Naruto and bring Kawaki back to the right path. It’s clear that they’ll have to undergo heavy training during this time, and it’s safe to assume that Chapter 81 will jump right into the post-temporal skip era, with four-year-old Boruto going from 12 to 16 years old.

While it’s bittersweet for fans to not see the characters grow and develop in real time, the potential for incredible powers and growth during time jumping is exciting to imagine. Boruto will likely train with Sasuke for four years, while Sarada may train with Sakura, and Mitsuki may find his own way to become more powerful. Kawaki’s training remains a mystery, but he’s also expected to be the center of attention.

Fans can expect serious character development and intense training montages as Boruto and his team embark on their journey away from the village to grow stronger and face the challenges ahead. The time jump promises to bring new levels of excitement and anticipation to the Boruto storyline.

Boruto Chapter 81: What To Expect

Boruto Chapter 81 will be a major turning point for the series. While it’s possible that the chapter will reveal bits and pieces of Boruto’s training during the time jump, it’s more likely that the story completely misses the point, just like Naruto did. Instead, fans will likely see Boruto return from the time jump looking completely different, sporting Sasuke Uchiha’s cape as a sign that he’s his student. It’s even possible that Sasuke gave Boruto a sword that resembles his own, cementing Boruto’s position as his successor.

Fans can’t wait to see the designs of other beloved characters, like Sarada Uchiha and Mitsuki, whose new appearances have yet to be revealed. When it comes to character designs, Sasuke Uchiha might also get a redesign, which is sure to spark interest from fans. But the most exciting part of the next chapter is the chance to see new bonuses and combat skills from the main characters, showing off what they’ve learned and mastered over the past four years.

With a Boruto chapter being quite long, chances are we’ll witness some action-packed fights and get a taste of our favorite characters’ new abilities and fighting styles. All in all, Boruto Chapter 81 promises to be an epic and unforgettable adventure for fans of the series!

Who will be Konoha’s new Hokage?

The upcoming release of Boruto Chapter 81 is set to shine a light on Konoha’s precarious state. The death of Naruto Uzumaki, the Seventh Hokage, has been confirmed, leaving the village without a leader. Sasuke Uchiha, a potential replacement, fled to train Boruto Uzumaki, leaving a leadership void. It’s plausible that Konoha has named a new Hokage, and Sakura Haruno seems like the most suitable candidate thanks to her formidable strength and intelligence. Nonetheless, this decision should split fans as Sakura’s potential appointment as the 8th Hokage is revealed in Boruto Chapter 81.

Although other characters may show up, such as Konohamaru or Sarada Uchiha, Sakura’s combination of strength and intelligence makes her a formidable rival for the job. Despite the outcry this decision may cause, Boruto Chapter 81 promises an electrifying story arc, centering on Konoha’s leadership and potential upheavals.

What else can we expect when Boruto returns from his hiatus?

In the upcoming Boruto Chapter 81, readers can expect the conclusion of several storylines. Code prepares to unleash a powerful attack using the Ten-Tailed Beast, while Boruto has sacrificed his eye to protect Sarada. The aftermath of Eida’s use of his Omnipotence Shinjutsu affected all characters except Sarada. It is unknown if Sasuke and Himawari, who both possess an Eye Jutsu, are also immune.

Boruto Chapter 81 Release Date

Boruto Chapter 81 is scheduled to release on Monday, August 21, 2023, at 12:00 AM JST (Sunday, August 20, 2023, at 10:00 AM in the US).