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Chainsaw Man chapter 130 release date, time, manga where to read online

Chainsaw Man chapter 130 release date, time, manga where to read online

In the final chapter, Asa recovered and found Denji and the Fakesaw Man standing next to each other. After escaping, the pair returned to the avenues of Tokyo, where Denji appears to have been fatally injured. When the opportunity presented itself, War Devil Yoru sought to persuade Asa to assassinate the Chainsaw Man here. If you are also following chainsaw man manga then you must be eager to check out chapter 130. So here is everything to know about the next chapter including spoilers.

Chainsaw Man chapter 130 release date, time, manga spoilers, leaks, where to read online

Asa chose to protect Denji instead, explaining that she is inspired to live and be happy after seeing someone like Chainsaw Man allowed to live. He shields himself and Denji from what appears to be the Devil’s Caterpillar’s legs. Denji wakes up just in time to take her away as the monsters prepare to attack. These tentacles pursue them. Asa is warned by Chainsaw Man that he may not be able to save her. He begins to feel exhausted. When Asa sees a bicycle, he urges him to grab it.

Denji refuses as he is being driven by a woman. She then signals to a man on a bicycle. Denji rushes at him and grabs the bike. Asa then transforms his motorcycle into the Super Chainsaw Man Motorcycle, which has the effect of knocking out the owner of the motorcycle.

Chainsaw Man Chapter 130 Release Date & Time

Unfortunately, the manga will be taking a little break for a week and the next release date for the popular manga Chainsaw Man Chapter 130 is May 22, 2023. Fans can read this chapter on the manga plus app and Viz Media this Tuesday. Chainsaw Man Manga Chapter 130 will be available to read from 11:00 a.m. Pacific Time on Wednesday.

15:00 BRT Tuesday, May 22 (Brasilia time)
12:00 JST Wednesday, May 23 (Japan)
17:00 CEST Tuesday May 22 (Europe)
8:30 p.m. IST Tuesday, May 22 (India)
15:00 GMT Tuesday 22 May (UK and Ireland)

Spoilers for Chapter 130

Chainsaw Man Chapter 130 Raw Scan will be available on May 22, 2023. In the upcoming manga chapter, we will see Denji and Asa take on their opponent on a bicycle. Fans never knew who this man was, or even got any information about him. The Falling Devil was no match for him. This implies that he is an extremely powerful man. Once this conflict is over, we might find out more about him.

The dynamic combination of Asa and Chainsaw Man will likely be the main focus of Chapter 130. It will mostly follow that direction given Fujimoto’s choice to separate them from Fakesaw Man’s fight against Falling Devil in Hell. Fans got to see a glimpse of the conflict between the slit-saw man and the Falling Devil, but it’s unclear if that’s the main focus of the chapter.