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Chanshi Season 2: Everything you need to know

Chanshi Season 2: Everything you need to know

Chanshi is an Israeli series that has garnered much love since its release in December 2022. Writer Aleeza Chanowit portrays a glimpse into the Jewish communities of Brooklyn and Israel, as well as the experiences of pious immigrant women straddling both worlds. , pleading to simply be in touch with themselves, often letting go of their repressed sexuality.

She does it through her character and through other women who have felt alone around her. Chanshi will interact with a wide range of people as she investigates immigrant life and sexuality among Jewish women in the Nachlaot district of Jerusalem, including religious, secular, Palestinian, and those who are part of the LGBTQIA+ community.

In addition to exploring sex and independence, Chanshi will also have to deal with his traumatic past and deteriorating mental state due to his upbringing in a religious environment. Aleeza says, “when you are Jewish, the world is a much smaller place”; referring to the innumerable restrictions, one faces as a Jew and as a woman at the same time. This bold series debuted at Sundance 2023 at the Indie Episodes event and has racked up huge success ever since.


Our main character, Chanshi, is a pious young Jewish girl from Brooklyn who decides to leave everything behind and travel to Israel right before her wedding despite her family’s concerns. Chanshi sets out on a daring and exciting journey to the Holy Land, but the sudden change from a life with well-defined rules to one with no rules at all launches her into a flurry of new experiences.

Like the other young women in her observant Jewish neighborhood in the Brooklyn area, Chanshi is headed in the supposedly right direction. Although she hardly knows the man she is about to marry, she will play the part of the good wife and give birth to at least six of her children.

She’s about to become a walking womb, essentially. Unlike her colleagues, Chanshi harbors a fantasy that respectable religious women like her shouldn’t: Chanshi wants to have a lot of sex, but not with her future husband, but with Israeli soldiers.

Chanshi travels to Israel to surprise Noki, her best friend, who is also getting married soon. When he gets there, Chanshi lets go of his shyness and becomes the free and fearless person he always wanted to be.

When will Chanshi season 2 be released?

While the first season of this raunchy series came to an end in early February, Aleeza’s co-stars suggested a season 2, hinting at a new season later in the future. According to Marina Schon in an interview, the actor who plays Chanshi’s father, Hnery Wrinkler, wants a season 2 of Chanshi: “But you know he keeps saying that he wants to come back for season 2.

He wants there to be a second season and he wants to come back.” (Schon, Deadline Studio). Since then, fans have been eagerly awaiting the release of more; they just can’t get enough of this fearless main character who seeks to defy expectations about the behavior of Jewish women.

cast of chanshi

Chanshi boasts an incredible cast and crew, who contribute greatly to the great success of the show. With the director herself playing a role in this daring series, Chanshi’s popularity also stems from her actors.

aleeza chanowit

Aleeza Chanowit, the director of Chanish, also stars in the series playing the role of the raunchy Chanish. She is best known for her roles in Mushkie (2016) and Shabbos Kallah (2018). Chanish has been a breakthrough for Chanowit’s career.

marnina schön

Chanshi Israeli Series Marina Schon

marnina schön

Marina Schon plays the role of Noki, Chanshi’s best friend with whom she moves to Israel. Schon is known for her role in Dollface and she plays an excellent character as Noki in Chanshi.

tomer maccloof

Chanshi Israeli series Tomer Macloof

tomer maccloof

Tomer Macloof has starred in the very popular series Fauda and Tehran. Playing the role of David in Chanshi, Macloof shows great professionalism and skill in playing the character.

Where to see Chanshi?

On streaming platforms like HOT 3, HOT VOD, and Next TV, you will be able to watch all Chanshi episodes. As of February 2, 2023, all Chanshi Season 1 episodes, including the latest episode, are available for viewing. Be sure to join our protagonist in this daring and daring adventure.

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