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Dark Summoner to Dekiteiru Chapter 7: Release date, spoilers and where to watch

Dark Summoner to Dekiteiru Chapter 7: Release date, spoilers and where to watch

Dark Summoner to Dekiteiru AKA I’m Dating A Dark Summoner is a manga about a group of adventurers. The group consists of Roni, who is a priest, Eury, who is an archer, Haru, a warrior, and their newest member, Amona, a summoner. Amona is a pimple. A race of Devil Demi-Humans. Do you think that a Devil and a Priest working together is a recipe for disaster? If so, you are in for a surprise.

From creator Shaoh, Dark Summoner a Dekiteiru is his first serialization. The series is pretty good for a beginner. This is truly one of the best in the Ecchi-Comedy genre. A priest and a demon making out is something at least some of us didn’t see coming. Roni and Amona have a fun dynamic. The duo trying to keep their efforts a secret from the rest of the Party do much of the Comedy.

For a priest, Roni is quite the adventurer. From a very young age, he was told not to indulge in earthly desires. And find comfort in Almighty God. Technically speaking, a Shin isn’t from Earth, so let’s assume that Roni is clean. There is another Party member that I forgot to mention earlier. It is a summons from Imp Amona to help her in battle. He supposedly he is a being of knowledge from the other world. I’ll let you all be the judge of that.

Summary of chapter 6 of Dark Summoner To Dekiteiru

In Chapter 6, we see the gang return to The Black Scale Mugs Tavern and Inn after successfully completing their Mission. Soon after, they begin drinking and toasting the completion of a mission. Roni quickly makes an excuse to go back to his room. Amona too. They think they’re being sneaky, but Eury and Haru know exactly what they’re doing.

In his absence, the Innkeeper approaches Eury with a complaint. He reveals that Roni and Amona’s “Late Night Escapades” are too strong. And please ask them to soften it. Eury confronts Amona. At first, she denies all the accusations, but in the end she comes clean. Eury does the same to Roni and he spills the beans too.

The manager of the Black Scale Mugs inn expresses his concerns

Eury and Haru reminisce about the old days. When Roni had just joined the Party. They talk about how uptight he was and how much he’s changed since then. Eury decides to take a break from them and goes to Amona’s room to talk to her. Only to find her in bed with Roni. She jokes about how their relationship is too open, and the chapter ends.

Dark Summoner To Dekiteiru Chapter 7 Spoilers

There is not much information available in terms of spoilers. But judging from the end of Chapter 6, we could see that Amona and Roni are more open about their relationship. We saw Wury confront them both in the previous chapter. And she gave her approval to her relationship. We also got a glimpse of why Eury was against it in the first place. I’m glad she changed her mind.

The group should embark on a new mission soon. Enemies in this universe are not always what they appear to be. We saw it with the orcs that kidnapped Amona. Turns out they just wanted to be friends. At first at least. In the end, it wasn’t Roni’s battle prowess that scared the orcs away.

Dark Summoner To Dekiteiru Chapter 7 Release Date

Here is a detailed list of Dark Summoner To Dekiteiru Chapter 7 release dates for specific time zones, including dates and times. Dark Summoner To Dekiteiru Chapter 7 will be released on February 8, 2022.

  • Pacific Daylight Time: 8:00 am PDT (February 8, 2023)
  • Central Daylight Time: 10:00 am CDT (February 8, 2023)
  • Eastern Daylight Time: 11:00 am EDT (February 8, 2023)
  • British Summer Time: 4:00pm BST (8 February 2023)
  • India Standard Time: 8:30pm IST (Feb 8, 2023)
  • Singapore Standard Time: 23:00 SGT (February 8, 2023)
  • Philippine Standard Time: 23:00 PST (February 8, 2023)
  • Korea Standard Time: Midnight KST (February 9, 2023)
  • Japanese Standard Time: Midnight JST (February 9, 2023)
  • Australian Time: 00.30 AM AEST (February 9, 2023)

Dark Summoner To Dekiteiru Chapter 7 – Where to read the last chapter

Calm down friends, your search has come to an end. You can read Dark Summoner To Dekiteiru Chapter 7 at ComicWalker. There might be several websites offering pirated copies of Dark Summoner To Dekiteiru. Please do not use them as it is not fair to you or the creator. Also, it is not as secure as the official channels.

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