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Dragon Ball Super Chapter 90 Summary and Spoilers: The end of the prequal arc

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 90 Summary and Spoilers: The end of the prequal arc

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 90 Summary and Spoilers: The end of the prequal arcDragon Ball Super Chapter 90 Summary and Spoilers: The end of the prequal arcDragon Ball Super Chapter 90 Summary and Spoilers: The end of the prequal arc

We have the recap and spoilers for Dragon Ball Super chapter 90 regarding what is about to happen in the Prequal arc, as only now it seems that Toyotarou plans to adapt the Dragon Ball Super Superhero movie in manga form. So the million dollar question now moving forward is whether the manga adaptation of Dragon Ball Superhero will be very different from the movie, or if we are about to see a quick transition of the superhero arc before finally getting into the events of what happened. black frieza?

According to the spoilers, Dr. Hido will not only go as far as to take on both Goten and Trunks, but now he’ll also manage to end up in prison thanks to his actions having to go against the heroes, which, strangely it seems, is it so? It seems that in the manga, Dr. Hido isn’t really going to spend that much time behind bars.

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 90 Spoilers and Leaks

As the events leading to Dr. Hido to this fixed position took place during a party because of course you can see that Tunks was finally able to catch Mai and convince her to go to this party with him, of course he also mentions that he didn’t did. Only his superhero idol god will attend this party, but Trunks and Mai won’t be the only ones attending this party.

This was because, unbeknownst to Trunks, Dr. Hido actually learns of the fact that his superhero idol, Clean God, will also be at this event, coincidentally at the same time without ever having to meet or even acknowledge each other. each other, both Trunks and Dr. Hido now coincidentally attend the same part at exactly the same time.

Dragon Ball Super (Credits: Toyotarou)

Now next to each other where a little bit later Dr. Hido ends up freeing every single individual in this party, it is indeed a gigantic dinosaur, but it’s not just a living, breathing dinosaur, it’s actually , this is actually an android. dinosaur created by Dr. Hido and what Dr. Hido hopes to achieve here is really not having to retrieve the confidential disk that Trunks took for granted that he had

All of Dr. Gero’s information and blueprints not only create cells, but Dr. Gero simply wants to destroy Goten and Trunks by any means necessary, given that towards the end of the chapter, it appears that Dr. A Hido is no longer it is. He doesn’t even care about the confidential disk, just because he now has the information embedded in his brain, that we’re now going to go into all the explicit details about what’s about to happen in Dradon Ball. Super Chapter 90.

Summary of chapter 90 of Dragon Ball Super

The next chapter of the manga is titled “Showdown with Dr. Hedo.” We see that the chapter will open with Officer Krillin, who is investigating the citizens of the Ticket District and asks them if they know what the convenience store in the area is. in which the zombies worked. After this, one of the civilians points to a particular store, indicating the answer to his question.

When Officer Krillin enters the house, he approaches the zombies and tells them that they should go to the police station with him so that he can further investigate the case and ask who their boss is. When he is still in the middle of her conversation with them, Officer Krillin notices the presence of Mai de Pilaf Gana and is distracted by her.

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 90Dragon Ball Super Chapter 90Dragon Ball Super Chapter 90

Dragon Ball Super (Credits: Toyotarou)

The zombies have this opportunity and to protect themselves from this investigation they try to flee from the convenience store, but the brave policeman holds them at gunpoint and eventually arrests them. While on the other hand, we see Goten and Kinto’un on their way to school. In order to cover the remaining distance to the schools, Goten gets off from Kinto’un and decides to get there by bus.

The reason why he did this is that he wanted to let them know that he is coming to school far away and that it is also a secret. On his way, he sees Chok, who is waiting for him at the bus stop. Chok asks him if he really lives that far from school because he has never seen him outside of school anywhere in the city.

To keep his secret, Goten lies to her and tells her that he doesn’t like leaving the house as much as the other students. Later in the chapter, we see Fayla, Goten’s classmate, asking him about Trunks.

She asks him, since Trunk is older than him, how are they supposed to meet and how she gets along with Trunk. Goten answers her question by saying that he and Trunks’ family have been very close for a long time, and this is the reason why he and Trunks grew up together since childhood.

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 90Dragon Ball Super Chapter 90Dragon Ball Super Chapter 90

Dragon Ball Super (Credits: Toyotarou)

After getting her answer, Fayla’s request asks her to ask Trunks to propose to her as her partner at the upcoming dance party next weekend. Although Chok thinks that Trunks may have already chosen his date for the party because he’s so famous and girls always want to be friends with him.

Goten reveals that this is not the case, he hasn’t asked anyone to join him to the dance party yet, but he is about to do the same with Mai. Suddenly, out of nowhere, Dr. Hedo’s Beta No 7 pulls up in front of the bus. Beta No 7 then calls Goten and asks him to get off the bus, also revealing that he knows that he is a Sayanman.

At that time, Chok also noticed that this was the reason why many people had been following Goten for a long time. To help Goten escape from the bus, Chok opens the bus window and asks him to leave. Goten has this opportunity, he runs into an alley and uses his wristwatch to transform into Saiyan X2.

Now Saiyanman X2 steps forward to help the kids on the bus. This is where Chok and Fayla notice that Saiyan Man only appears when Goten disappears, and they are never in the same place at the same time. Later, Saiyanman X2 defeats Dr. Hedo’s Beta No 7 without much effort.

Later in the chapter, we see Mai join the conversation, after noticing something, she asks Trunks if it’s okay to be her partner at the upcoming dance party this weekend, and as expected, Trunks accepts her offer. . offer. After that, we see Mai notice a spy bee flying around her and Trunks in her room. This bee is none other than Dr. Hedo, who overheard the entire conversation and is very excited to learn that Clean God himself will be attending the party.

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 90Dragon Ball Super Chapter 90Dragon Ball Super Chapter 90

Dragon Ball Super (Credits: Toyotarou)

After this, Dr. Hedo decides to give up the mission to find the disc and now wants to go to the party. Here Alpha 12 points out that anyone would only be allowed to enter the party only and only if he is with a partner and also a female partner.

The scene cuts to school, where we see Trunks telling Goten that he’s very happy that he doesn’t have to reveal to Mai that he’s one of the Saiyans and that things have gone well. Since Trunks is going to the party with the person he likes, so he abandons Goten’s idea of ​​playing and goes to buy a dress to wear to the party.

As Goten wonders how to answer after Fayla’s question, Mai warns him not to reveal, says they’re being watched or something, and shows him the spy bee, and if he reveals his true identity or where he lives, it’s over for him. . . . Mai also believes that these androids from earlier had been watching them all this time everywhere.

This time, Goten also realizes that they know where he is and then sends his androids. Later, Mai remembers what Beta No 1 had told them. She revealed that he was created by Dr. Hedo. After searching for some time, Mai discovers that Dr. Hedo is an android expert.

Since no one knows Dr. Hedo’s true hideout, Mai decides to lure him out with something that mentions a more interesting plot and then decides to mention the Clean God dance party because she is familiar with the fact that he is a big fan of the hero. .

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