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Dungeon No Osananajimi Chapter 20: Release Date, Spoilers, and Streaming Guide

Dungeon No Osananajimi Chapter 20: Release Date, Spoilers, and Streaming Guide

Dungeon No Osananajimi is a Shounen romantic comedy fantasy manga with a very simple plot and some touching characters. It is mainly filled with dungeon adventures and two childhood friends who love to play together whenever they get the chance. It could easily be your stimulating manga because it is not very intense and the presentation of the artwork is easily understandable.

The plot revolves around two childhood friends, one of whom is Syrian vana seventeen year old swordsman, and the other is Ryuka Obsidian, the strongest black dragon queen who can also change into her human form. These two boys have been friends for ten years and they love hanging out together.

It all started when Ryuka was traveling with her family, but then she got caught in a storm and was stranded alone and unable to fly back. It was then that she met Van, who rescued her from her, and they quickly became friends with her. They played and enjoyed her time in her town, but as time went by, Ryuka yearned for her home.

Ryuka Obsidian and Van Sirius

So Van left his village in search of his home. It was a hard journey and weeks passed before he finally made it home. Since then, Van would visit his dungeon once a month to hang out. She later became the boss of the dungeon, and Van grew stronger so he could see her crossing obstacles in her way.

There are four other characters that are dumb dungeon monsters that guard the dungeon and are usually beaten by Van-kun to get to it. Although it is her job to protect herself from the enemies trying to break through, but after learning about her friendship, they supported and encouraged her.

Dungeon No Osananajimi Chapter 19 Recap: Spoilers

“Happy-san Dies” is the title of the chapter, and it describes a decisive battle between Ogre Organs and Wyrm Hell to determine who would be the new subordinates of the lady dragon queen. So there are eight monsters fighting over their love for the Obsidian Queen.

Although they are friends, they are always fighting and Ryuka really cares for them. So, the four challengers for the Ogre Organs team are Gura-san the Griffin, Pok-san, Katsycat-san, and Yuni-san the Unicorn. Yes, that was their strange introduction, but they are known as “heavenly rulers”.

Now from Wyrm Hell, he is the cobalt mutant Wul-kun, Happy happy-san, from the Orc-kun family of demi-human orcs, and lastly, the strongest Mino-san known as “team 4ever”. And the judge of this event was the queen herself, the Obsidian Queen in her human form.

Dungeon No Osananajimi Chapter 19

Dungeon No Osananajimi Chapter 19 Clips

Now each match consists of three events, and the first team to win two matches will be the winner. The first event was a fanart show where they had to draw the portrait of a queen dragon lady. So there were no combat skills or warrior prowess. The first event started and the heavenly rulers did a great job on the portrait, which Ryuka really liked.

Now the pressure is on Team 4ever as they need to draw something better to get an even better score. But no one’s art was above all else in his team except Mino-san, who could see Van-kun hiding and watching them, whispering with the queen.

So he decided to draw them together, and it was wonderful, which might give them a good score. Before they could submit, Happy-san’s nose bled and the painting was ruined. With that, Mino was disqualified, and as the title says, Happy-san satirically died.

Dungeon No Osananajimi Chapter 20 Release Date and Time

Dungeon No Osananajimi is a monthly release series, and the speculation for chapter 20 is probably around February 23, 2023, 5pm Japan Standard Time. However, the Spanish version of the manga would be released a week after its official release. So stay tuned.

Dungeon No Osananajimi Chapter 20: Where to read

The official website for this manga is called Comic Walker, which is Kadokawa’s manga service. As a result, you will most likely find all the chapters there, as well as the next chapter from the date specified above. And yes, for international fans, you have to wait a bit for the translation, which can be found anywhere on the internet just by typing the title. So don’t miss this wholesome series.

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