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Edens Zero Season 2 Reveals Cast, Staff, and RELEASE DATE!

Edens Zero Season 2 is here to make spring blossom with more beauty and grace. The flowers will grow much more thanks to the return of the new season of Edens Zero. The series is set to return this year. The cast and release date have also been revealed. Fans are very much looking forward to the new season of the show and how it will be different from the first season. The future of the series was uncertain as director Yuji Suzuki passed away before the final episode of the first season. However, it looks like the show will be back after all. So, here are all the details for the upcoming season.

The first season of the anime launched in Japan in April 2021. It ran for 25 episodes and began streaming on Netflix worldwide in August 2021. The series was originally a manga of the same name. Hiro Mashima is the mangaka who launched it in Weekly Shonen Magazine in June 2018. A 3D action RPG for consoles based on the manga is also currently in the works. So, he reads on to find out more about Edens Zero Season 2.

Edens Zero Season 2 Preview

Edens Zero Season 2: Official Announcement!

The official website for Edens Zero streamed a new promotional video. The video reveals the cast of the group Element 4. It also announces the opening theme song “Never say Never” by Takanori Nishikawa. The anime’s release date has also been announced. Also, the cast members are Taku Yashiro playing the role of Laguna, Rumi Okubo as Sylph, and Toshiki Masuda playing the character of Fie. Atsushi Imaruoka will also join the cast as Daichi.

Shinji Ishihara will be the chief director for the second season. The late Yushi Suzuki was the director of the anime. Mitsutaka Hiroka is working on the series script. Yurika Sako is the character designer for the series.

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Edens Zero Season 2 c

What will the new season be about?

The second season of the series will see Shiki and the others take on Drakken Joe directly. Some new and powerful enemies will also be in the showdown. It will be the biggest fight the crew will be in so far. No further details of the anime’s story are yet known. However, everything will be revealed soon in the episodes that will be released. The new season will continue from the first season.

Shiki will also visit one of his friends. She will also visit the planet Granbell. Furthermore, it seems that the Demon King Ziggy has also come back to life. The nature of him is also completely different. His goal is to now become the new ruler of humanity. The world of Edens Zero is now in trouble as it is in the hands of Ziggy.

Edens Zero Season 2 Trailer

Edens Zero Season 2: Release Date

The anime will premiere on April 1, 2023. It will be available to watch on NTV and its affiliate channels in Japan. However, for international fans, it will soon be available to stream on Netflix. How excited are you after seeing the trailer and preview of the new season? Share it in the comments below! For more updates, keep reading The Anime Daily for more information.

Edens Zero Season 2 Reveals Cast, Staff, and RELEASE DATE! .