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Grand Blue Chapter 83: Back on break! Beach bliss or drama ahead? plot and release

The popular comedy manga Grand Blue Dreaming is facing another hiatus, much to the disappointment of fans. According to the March issue of Kodansha’s Good! Afternoon magazine, one of the creators suffers from a sudden illness. Is this an indefinite pause? Here is everything you need to know about the Grand Blue Chapter 83 release and announcement!

Grand Blue Dreaming is a manga by Japanese author Kenji Inoue. An anime adaptation also aired in 2018. The manga series first appeared in 2014. But so far, there have only been 82 chapters. In fact, new chapters come out at a slow pace. Keep reading to know more!

Grand Blue Chapter 83

Grand Blue Chapter 83: Break Announcement

Grand Blue Dreaming fans were saddened to learn that their favorite manga would be going on hiatus again. It’s because one of the creators got sick. The news, which was published in the March issue of Kodansha’s Good! The afternoon magazine did not specify which of the creators suffered or what the disease was. This has left fans concerned for the well-being of the authors and the future of the manga.

Sadly, this isn’t the first time the series has gone on hiatus. From January to March 2021, Inoue had to take a break due to back pain caused by overwork. The manga also went on a month-long hiatus in May 2021 after one of the creators was hospitalized for a sudden emergency. This latest hiatus has left fans concerned for the well-being of the creators. They hope a speedy recovery for the authors.

Grand Blue Chapter 83

What happened so far in the manga?

The title of Grand Blue chapter 82 was “A True Striker”. In Grand Blue Chapter 82, Aina had planned to seduce Iori. She decided to wear a transparent skirt. But she ran into a problem. She had forgotten to bring her spare underwear! Aina thought about wearing her swimsuit but was afraid that Iori and Kouhei would make fun of her. So, she decided to go without underwear, even though it was a big risk. Kouhei saw Aina’s decision as a sign that she wanted to seduce Iori.

He tried to help her expose herself, even suggesting that they go for a walk in a windy area. But Aina got mad at Kouhei for not noticing her! So, she tried her best to hide from her. At the restaurant, Kouhei still tried to expose Aina, but luckily, Chisa helped her hide. In the end, Kouhei and Iori were so drunk that they stopped paying attention to Aina. She felt relieved and wondered if her relationship with Chisa was improving.


What will happen next?

In the next chapter, Aina, Iori, Kouhei, and Chisa return to the beach house. Aina is still all sweaty after the last incident. She is trying to hide from everyone. But then, they all decide to go to the beach and have fun. Chisa’s feelings for Iori will be explored in this chapter. Despite not realizing her growing attraction to him, the shark ride may be the moment she finally confesses her feelings for him. Meanwhile, Aina continues with her plan to win over Iori.

So far, the manga has suggested that Aina and Kouhei make the best couple. Aina may have feelings for Kouhei that are slowly developing. In a previous chapter, when Tokita and Kotobuki hypnotized Kouhei, he revealed that Aina is the second most precious person in his life after Rarako. However, the chapter where Rarako’s voice actress Kaya Mizuki gets married serves as a metaphor for Kouhei letting Rarako go. Thus, unconsciously Aina is the only one for him.

Grand Blue Chapter 83

Grand Blue Chapter 83: Release Date

Sadly, the creators have not commented on when Grand Blue Chapter 83 will return. Right now, his main focus is getting better. Fans of the manga can still enjoy the series through digital English releases from Kodansha USA Publishing. However, for more updates, please check back on this page. Anime Daily has the latest news for you! Stay tuned.

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