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Grand Blue Chapter 83: The release date is delayed

Grand Blue Chapter 83: The release date is delayed

Are you excited for Grand Blue Chapter 83? Well we’ve got you covered! After witnessing some fun events in the recent chapter, fans of the series are really excited to know what they are going to witness next in the next chapter of their favorite romantic comedy manga series.

If you are one of them wondering when the next chapter of the series will be released, you are in the right place to get your answers; today we will let you know the Grand Blue Chapter 83 release date, spoilers and where you can read the same online but before that let us take a look at what happened earlier in the story.

The recent chapter of the series opens with Aina, we see that she tries to seduce Iori in his long-awaited Shark Scramble Trip with a special swimsuit, but to achieve it, she mistakenly forgets her underwear at home, while preparing for him.

She’s searched everywhere but can’t find her underwear, in fact, she can’t even remember to pack it, and now she thinks she has to keep the bathing suit. When everyone finds out, she thinks they’ll laugh at her and say that she’s an elementary school student, that she forgot her underwear at her house during the school trip, and never let her live it.

Summary of Grand Blue Chapter 82

In the episode, we see that Aina thinks she can buy underwear at a convenience store on her way back home, but she just needs to hide it somehow until then. On the other hand, we see the other members of Shark Scramble Trip think that Cakey is quite late and spends too much time in the bathroom, at the same time they also believe that for some reason, nature always calls after diving, because your body gets cold. while you dive.

When they left the waiting room, a wind blew Aina’s clothes, although this was not planned, Iori thought that this was a blunder, and to think that he would be captivated by a 3D girl, and by Cakey, too. He also believes that until now, her seduction game was like child’s play, and that means that she really understood something during that short period of time.

Grand Blue Cover (Credits: Kodansha)

Later we see that Iori thinks as he thought that something has changed. It’s not just her behavior, but also her timing and positioning. Even her facial expressions, with this, could she really achieve her long-standing goal of conquering Kithara?

When they arrive at the hotel, they discover that there is no reservation for the name Yoshiwara for today, but instead there is a reservation for the same name tomorrow. This was a big shock to everyone as this was all planned by Aina, she apologizes to everyone and says that she didn’t realize she messed up the booking date.

After this incident, Iori confirms that she has awakened as an Ero-Stricker and believes that Cakey has exceeded her advice, completely exceeded her expectations and shown her how much they have grown, but also believes that there is a serious neglect in her. flat, and this is called “Shyness”. Iori believes that he will respond in kind and become her Ero-Midfielder.

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Grand Blue Chapter 83 Release Date

According to a recent tweet, the mangaka behind the creation of the manga series, Grand Blue, Inoue Kenji and Yoshioka Kimitake; We are deeply sorry that the release of Grand Blue Chapter 83 is delayed due to a health issue affecting one of the creators. The well-being of the team is of the utmost importance and a temporary layoff has been deemed necessary to allow the affected creator to fully recover.

The creators deeply apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and thank their readers for their understanding and support. They are hopeful that with proper care and rest, the affected creator will make a full recovery and be able to return to their work.

Where to read Grand Blue Chapter 83

As the manga series is on hiatus, we don’t know when it will be released, but if it does, you can read Grand Blue Chapter 83 online on Kodansha. You can also buy the previous chapters of the manga in volume form in both paperback and digital editions.

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