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Hinata from Haikyuu! is considered better written than Isagi from Blue Lock

Hinata from Haikyuu!  is considered better written than Isagi from Blue Lock

As the first season of Blue Lock comes to an end this Sunday, March 26, fans of the anime have started comparing the series protagonist to other sports anime protagonists. The most popular comparison happens to be Hinata Shoyo from Haikyuu!

While Hinata has been on the throne of all sports anime for nearly a decade, Isagi has only recently come to prominence in the industry. With the premiere of the Blue Lock anime, the franchise has definitely gained popularity. However, the start of the 2022 FIFA World Cup was one of the main reasons for this growing popularity.

Hinata from Haikyuu! vs. Blue Lock’s Isagi: Who’s the Best-Written Protagonist?

Although Blue Lock’s Yoichi Isagi has a recurrence bias, it was surprising to see many anime fans supporting Haikyuu’s Hinata Shoyo! in a comparison between the two protagonists based on the quality of their characters’ writing.

The majority of fans who supported Isagi claimed that he was the better character due to the fact that he had enough guts to insult a teammate or opponent in front, while looking intimidating. Isagi has done this on several occasions, the two most iconic being his insults against Shoei Barou and Michael Kaiser.

However, Isagi’s insults weren’t enough to make him the better protagonist, as even Blue Lock fans acknowledged that Hinata had better character development. Unlike Isagi, who was chosen as part of a draft to create the best player in his sport, Hinata was probably on the worst team in his first college tournament.

On Twitter, some fans couldn’t understand why people were mentioning Isagi’s exploits at the age of 17 when the whole discussion was based on who was the best-written character. While Isagi certainly has the brains and guts to take on the best opponent, Hinata quite possibly has the best mentality in all of sports anime, given her character development over the course of the Brazilian storyline.

Also, fans were sure that there was no other character like Hinata Shoyo. One of the reasons is that despite his small size, he is able to intimidate players twice his size. For example, Hinata was able to fix the eyes of Wakatoshi Ushijima, who was 6 feet tall, and declare her intention to defeat him, before defeating him despite the height disadvantage. He said to the Shiratorizawa player:

Isagi is a good footballer and one of the best in Bastard Munchen’s team, but he still needs to become a better version of himself so that the best playmakers in the country can play with him. This is exactly the case with Hinata, since national and regional level point guards like Atsumu Miya and Toru Oikawa want to play with him.

For all the times Hinata had to ask others to play for him. Atsumu, one of the best setters at the time, was so moved by Hinata…that he decided that one day he would settle for him.

That’s not all. Hinata also has his unhinged bird’s eye gaze, with which he gave chills to everyone who looked at him. The protagonist of Haikyuu! even scared several talented players who would have preferred not to have to face him. Despite an obvious height disadvantage, Hinata was able to throw the ball over all of these players. That’s why many fans think he’s exactly the kind of player who could crack Isagi because of his mentality.