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How to watch Celebrity Help! My House Is Haunted Season 2 Episodes? transmission guide

How to watch Celebrity Help!  My House Is Haunted Season 2 Episodes?  transmission guide

How to watch Celebrity Help! My House Is Haunted Season 2 Episodes? This post will help you find all the details of the stream. With the help of this show, renowned ghost investigators including historian and detective Jayne Harris, psychologist Barri Ghai, and psychic and magician Ian Lawman will use their knowledge of the supernatural to investigate the haunted residences of some of the world’s best-known people. world. country.

The series will introduce a few other figures from the nation who are dealing with paranormal difficulties beyond the chilling screams and late-night interruptions. For the second star appearance of “Help! My House Is Haunted,” the ghost-busting superhero team returns to fend off the mysterious ghosts wreaking havoc in the opulent homes of America’s favorite celebrity.

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What is the plot of season 2 of Celebrity Help! Is my house haunted?

The renowned Haunted team returns to help top celebrity guests terrorized into their homes by horrific and grisly incidents after the popularity of the previous celebrity series. The team will review the information, speak to those most affected by these supernatural occurrences, and consult qualified experts using their tried-and-true investigative methods.

When that happens, they will declare an emergency and begin an all-night investigation of the homes of our wealthy and distinguished visitors, including Laurence Llewlyn-Bowen, Louie Spence, Lady Colin Campbell, Jake Quickenden, Simon Gregson and Marnie Simpson.

Help from celebrities! My House Is Haunted Season 2: The Episode Guide.

Episode 1 will introduce us to Louis Spence. Louie is a dancer, choreographer, and television host best known for his work on the hit show “Pineapple Dancing Studios,” where he strutted his way into the hearts of the nation. His 202-year-old cottage in Essex is ignoring him. Louie thinks his late mother is simply paying another visit to the peculiar smells and disturbances in the midnight shadows. But it could also be something else!

A frame from the program.

Episode 2 will have a scene with Laurence. His appearances on the BBC show “Changing Rooms” make him more famous as a TV presenter and interior decorator. He is also known to have an aggressive temper. His 7th-century Cotswolds stately estate contains six rooms, and previous occupants have always told of countless strange sightings and noises. Can Laurence continue to feel bold as he uncovers the deadly secret’s buried past?

Marnie Simpson will be introduced in Episode 3. Marnie, the star of the popular reality series ‘Geordie Shore’, is used to many ghosts around her, but not the ones that follow her from house to house. After just one now-shabby photoshoot in a graveyard for her 6.9 million followers, the former “Celebrity Big Brother” and “Ex On The Beaches” actress feels her life has gone astray. Marnie is eager to banish this evil shadow permanently.

Episode 4 will introduce us to Simon Gregson. Simon, best known for playing Steve in “Corrie Street”, lives in a different six-bedroom house in Wilmslow, Lancashire, with his wife and children. The same vision of ghosts would appear to the family as regularly as in a popular television drama, and their names were frequently mentioned. Who is your adversary? Simon and his family are looking for solutions.

Jacob Quickenden will be introduced in Episode 5. Jake is a musician and reality TV personality who has done well on shows like “The X Factor” and “I’m a Celeb.” Jake has almost always felt a spiritual presence and is driven to discover who or what is constantly present in his life, guiding and occasionally frightening him.

Help from celebrities!  My House Is Haunted Season 2 Trailer

A frame from the program.

We will meet Lady Colin Campbell in chapter six. Lady C is a socialite, author, and television presenter best known for her appearance on I’m a Celebrity! Cast of season 15. Get me out of here, please! Lady C is curious about the people she would live with because the house has a troubled past marked by horrifying stories of female spirits haunting guests.

What time will the new episode of Celebrity Help! Has My House Is Haunted season 2 premiered?

Help from celebrities! My House Is Haunted season 2 episodes will be scrambled every Friday. The episodes will air at 10pm sharp in the US on Discovery+. Non-US viewers will stream the show around 8:30am IST (Saturday), 2:00am AEDT (Saturday) and 3:00pm GMT.

How to watch Celebrity Help! My House Is Haunted Season 2 Episodes?

Help from celebrities! For those outside of the US, My Home Is Haunted season 2 episodes will premiere on Discovery+. The cost of the app will be approximately $4.88 for all users around the world.

Celebrity Episode Guide Help! my house is haunted season 2

  • Episode 1 Fri Feb 17, 2023
  • Episode 2 February 24, 2023
  • Episode 3 March 03, 2023
  • Episode 4 March 10, 2023
  • Episode 5 March 17, 2023
  • Episode 6 March 24, 2023

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