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Imaizumin’s House Is A Place For Girls To Gather Chapter 12 Release Date, Time, Recap And Where To Read

Imaizumin's House Is A Place For Girls To Gather Chapter 12 Release Date, Time, Recap And Where To Read

If you are looking for updates on the manga Imaizumin’s house is a place for girls to gather, you have come to the right place. The ongoing ecchi harem manga began serialization on March 25.he of 2022. Since then, it has been followed by fans of ecchi manga. This manga has been taken from a Doujinshi, and it’s gotten even better with the added wholesomeness!

Both the art and the story were created by Gorou Nori. It is the story of Imaizumin, who is a simple high school boy. He lives in an apartment but is completely alone. And he has his reasons for it. No one at school knows, but he contemplates a secret.

Imaizumin’s house is a place for girls to gather

It’s just that the three best and most popular girls in his school live with him in the same apartment! They are Hamasaki, Kurumozaka, and Sasaki. It’s never a dull day for Imaizumi, as these girls are all quirky in his own way. He Plays with them, talks to them and even makes physical contact with them! To say that his youth is good would be an understatement because for Imaizumi, this is the time of his life!

Imaizumin’s house is a place for girls to gather Chapter 11 summary

11he The chapter starts with Imaizumi in his underwear with Sasaki and Hamazaki (it’s that hot). Ruri wonders how anyone can stand this heat and if everyone should just hang out somewhere instead of staying at home.

Then the bell suddenly rings. Everyone wonders if it’s a salesperson or an order that just arrived. This is when Ruuri checks her phone and discovers that Imaizumi’s brother had sent her a text about her mother’s visit to her apartment, and he forgot to tell her earlier!

Imaizumin's mother

Imaizumin’s mother

Ruri tells Sasaki and Hamazaki to hide in the closet as Tsutsumin literally grabs her and jumps off the terrace onto the street. Her mother uses her spare key to get in and asks what caused the delay in opening the door.

He even hears sounds in the closet and suspects that Imaizumi has put all the clothes in without organizing them. She opens it to find a tidy closet and finds nothing suspicious, even as the girls hide behind the clothes.

Imaizumin constantly makes up one excuse or another until the doorbell rings again. It’s Kurumizaka at the gate; she has come to return the gym clothes that Imaizumi had lent her. Her mother sees her and introduces herself. She even invites the girl to have a drink inside since it is a very hot summer day after all.

Kurumizaka begins to show her mother some samples of the new products she has. Her mother applauds her for working hard at such a young age. Meanwhile, the girls whisper in the closet about Kurumizaka’s effort to impress her mother.

Kurumizaka mentions that Imaizumi lives alone, prompting his mother to talk about how they’re trying to make him independent and resilient, since he’s so “girly” just as he seems.

Imaizumi’s mother begins to remember the time when she and her husband were discussing sending Imaizumi to live alone. She was against the idea, and she believed that what he called “femininity” was actually her goodness as a person. But her father thinks that he needs to learn to live alone to be a true “man.”

The scene cuts to the present, and Imaizumi’s mother tells Kurumizaka that she is a good girl and wishes that one day she would find a girlfriend like her. She then leads her to leave, because she doesn’t think he could ask Ruri out if she was here. All the girls come out and start arguing with Ruri. Meanwhile, Imaizumi’s mother thinks that Ruri is not just a friend of Imaizumi’s.

Imaizumin’s House Is A Place For Girls To Gather 11 Release Date And Times

Imaizumin’s House is a Place for Gals to Gather Chapter 11 has a tentative release date of 19he or 20he of the month of February. Since the release has been quite bumpy lately, it has prompted a tentative estimate of the next chapter.

Where to read Imaizumin’s house is a place for girls to gather Chapter 11

You will be able to read Imaizumin’s House is a Place for Girls to Gather Chapter 11 online on GammaPlus. The digital release of the manga is available on the Web Comic Gamma Plus official website. The chapters are updated regularly, so be sure to check them out on time!

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