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In the My Hero Academia manga, the Todoroki family finally admit their role in Dabi’s origin.

In the My Hero Academia manga, the Todoroki family finally admit their role in Dabi's origin.

The highly anticipated My Hero Academia Chapter 388 is scheduled to release on May 15, 2023 in Japan. However, fans will be glad to hear that spoilers and raw scans for the upcoming chapter have already leaked online.

Based on this information, the next chapter will continue to focus on the ongoing conflict within the Todoroki family, much to the delight of fans eagerly following their story. It was previously speculated that the story would shift gears to focus on All Might vs. All For One, which is probably the most important face-off in the series so far.

In the previous chapter, fans were left spellbound by the clash between Endeavor and Dabi, leaving them anxious about the outcome of this intense battle.

However, Rei’s unexpected appearance managed to interrupt the fight and save them both. With My Hero Academia Chapter 388, fans will have the chance to see other members of the Todoroki family join forces to mend their broken relationships.

My Hero Academia manga could finally reunite the TodorokiDabi family like in the anime

According to My Hero Academia Chapter 388 spoilers, the chapter will show how some members of the Todoroki family, located near Gunga, ignored Kendo’s evacuation order. Instead, Rei asked Natsuo to protect her sister as she went to where Endeavor was fighting Dabi.

In the present, readers will see Rei deal with the extreme heat of Dabi’s flames using her Ice Quirk. Despite the danger, she will reach out to Toya, knowing that her husband and son will surely die if she does not intervene. In the previous chapter, Endeavor became aware of the role he played in the creation of Dabi. Rei has also shown to be aware of her involvement in Toya’s transformation.

An excerpt from My Hero Academia Chapter 377 shows a young Toya with a vengeful expression, accusing Rei of being responsible as well. It is obvious that she has thought about it and is now trying to redeem herself. Dabi, on the other hand, will recognize her as well as Natsuo and Fuyumi who accompanied him. Natsuo then persuades Dabi to come back to them.

My Hero Academia Chapter 388 will end with an imagined scene of the Todoroki family meeting an adult Toya, who will wear Dabi’s long coat and have no scars, illustrating how different the future could have been. However, Shoto will be conspicuous by his absence during this meeting.

Endeavor had always hoped to have a son who possessed both his and Rei’s powers and who could surpass All Might. Shoto became the dream child, but Dabi saw him as Endeavor’s puppet. It will be interesting to see how the reconciliation between the family members unfolds, if at all, when Shoto reaches Gunga. Shoto showed sympathy towards Dabi, so a happy family reunion could be on the cards