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Infinite Level Up in Murim Chapter 136: Release Date and Where to Read!

Infinite Level Up in Murim Chapter 136: Release Date and Where to Read!

Every warrior in the history of humanity wants only one thing, to have an honorable death, but not everyone is lucky enough to have one. Yuseong Dan, the protagonist of this story, was killed on the battlefield without glory and with no one to remember his name.

Yuseong was used by the higher ups to fight against the powerful enemy so they could have time to escape. With the sudden appearance of the enemy called Chenoma, the entire country was engulfed in a war, and the leaders used their own army as a shield to flee Chenoma.

Yuseong and his Murim alliance were wiped out in an instant by Chenoma. Yuseong, while awaiting his death on the battlefield, questions his ideals and beliefs. All the effort and hard work that he has put in was useless, he just became the scapegoat for the higher ups and nothing else, hard work is useless for people who are born with nothing.

In anger and frustration, Yuseong attacks Chenoma one last time before being killed by him. When he died, a screen appeared with the message: “A world where you can advance based on hard work and the number of missions you complete” and he was reincarnated in a world called murim online.

Infinite level up in Murim

Today we are going to talk about the next Infinite Level up chapter on Murim Chapter 136. We will be providing you with all the information along with release dates and spoilers so stay tuned.

Infinite Level up in Murim Chapter 135: Summary

Infinite Level up in Murim Chapter 135 was released on February 3, 2023. The chapter is titled Foreign Tasks and the chapter number is number six in the second season of Infinite Level up in Murim. The chapter begins with the inauguration ceremony at Murim University’s Hidden Dragon Valley which marks the beginning of the new semester.

Then, from the conversations of some freshmen, we came to know about the First Division’s external training in Dragon Valley, one of these freshmen seems to be the daughter of the leader of the Murim Alliance. Murim Alliance is the largest establishment in Jianghu and needs a lot of money to keep running.

Under the name of various projects, they raise funds and receive commissions from all over Jianghu. Since several clans are affiliated with the Murim Alliance, there are a number of missions that will take place and all of them are under the responsibility of the First divisions. Through this Murim Alliance can take care of the requested missions and students can get extra money with some practical experience.

Infinite level up in Murim

Infinite level up in Murim Chapter 156

Furthermore, we learn that Yuseong’s first task in the First Division is in the Zhejiang region. As we know from the previous chapter, Yuseong was given a new big task after creating the alliance with the leader of Murim Alliance. The task is to bring the revolution in the Murim alliance with a time limit of 20 years.

The scene then cuts to where Soso is training and shows how immensely he has improved since last time with all the hard work he has put into his training with the monks. The master of him considering how agile and agile he is and gives him a divine weapon called ‘Wheels of Fire Nezha Wind‘. With this, the chapter comes to an end.

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Infinite Level up on Murim Chapter 136: Release Date

Infinite Level up in Murim is a weekly issue manhwa with new issues released every Friday. As of this writing, there are no details about any pause or delay in the next chapter, so it is safe to say that the next chapter of Infinite Level up in Murim will be released on Friday. February 10, 2023.

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Infinite level up in Murim: where to read

The official rights for the publication of the Infinite Level up chapters in Murim are from Naver Webtoons and you can read all the chapters up to chapter 135 on their official website online for webtoons. Although they are a Korean firm and they publish the original manhwa which is in Korean.

However, if you want to read this manhwa in Spanish you can go to online webtoons where you can read the comic up to chapter 107 since the translations are a bit late you will have to wait a while before reading chapter 136 of Infinite Level up in Murim in Spanish.

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