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Isekai Ojisan Chapter 47: Release Date, Preview, and Where to Read

Isekai Ojisan Chapter 47: Release Date, Preview, and Where to Read

Isekai fans assemble! Are you excited for the release date of the new chapter of one of the popular isekai manga of the new generation? If yes, then put all your worries aside because in this article, we are going to tell you the Isekai Ojisan Chapter 47 release date. Chapter 46 has been released in January 2023, along with an estimated release date of the next chapter. .

Isekai Ojisan or Uncle from Another World is a manga series written and illustrated by Hotondoshindeiru and began publication in 2018 by ComicWalker. It currently has 8 volumes. Other than that, the manga has also received an anime adaptation in 2022, due to its huge success.

If you are a die-hard fan of Isekai Ojisan and enjoy its amazing humor and action, you will also know how spotty the manga is and sometimes it is hard to wait for the new chapter due to the suspense. Don’t worry because we’ve got you covered this time, but before that let’s recap the manga if you are new or have forgotten the story due to the long hiatus.

yousuke in the hospital

As is clear from the title, Isekai Ojisan is an isekai genre anime, but it is very different from other isekai anime out there. While most isekai anime follow the protagonist’s journey through an isekai world, Isekai Ojisan shows what happens after the protagonist achieves his goal in the isekai world, which makes this manga really interesting. to read.

The main protagonist is Yousuke Shibazaki, who, like many other isekai protagonists, is hit by a truck at the beginning of the manga, resulting in some fatal injuries and leaving him in a coma. After 17 years of being in a coma, Yousuke finally wakes up.

Everyone is happy at first, but they soon start to think that Yousuke has lost his mind after he starts speaking in a language they’ve never heard of. He tells Takafumi that while he was in a coma, he was sent to an isekai world as that world’s savior, which solidifies Takafumi’s claim that his uncle went mad.

Yousuke soon realizes that he has retained the magical powers he received while in the isekai world. He uses his powers to demonstrate his story to Takafumi. Which surprises him at first, but he eventually accepts it.

Takafumi then takes it upon himself to help his uncle Yousuke catch up with the changes that occurred in the world while he was in a coma. Especially the loss of his favorite console, SEGA, in the console wars. Takafumi also devises a plan whereby he could earn money by displaying his uncle’s magical powers on YouTube.

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What happened to Isekai Ojisan in chapter 46?

The chapter begins with Yousuke not wanting to continue the story, and he gives a lot of reasons that don’t even make sense. Takafumi finally convinces him to continue, and they go back to observing the rest of the isekai world. We also come to know that Yousuke is horrible at magic even after spending 17 years in that world.

Isekai Ojisan Chapter 47

Isekai Ojisan manga cover

Elf-san expresses her gratitude towards Otom for her meeting with Sharion. They all talk for a bit and eventually reach the lowest layer, witnessing the undead sword and its ability to absorb spirits. Elf says that he has never seen a weapon with this much power, but is interrupted when the doors to the last layer suddenly close, and the layer is suddenly filled with an army of undead.

Elf tells everyone to run away while she tries to get the sword, Yousuke helps her by throwing her on the throne and she finally manages to take the sword. But as soon as she draws the sword, all the undead soldiers kneel before her, which shocks everyone, and they soon realize that the undead spirit, Magatsu Koto No Nushi, who resides within the sword, has gone. seized Elf’s body and the chapter ends there. .

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Isekai Ojisan Chapter 47: Expected Release Date

Isekai Ojisan is a very irregular manga, so there hasn’t been a precise release date. The raw scans of Isekai Ojisan Chapter 47 surfaced in the first week of February, which can be seen on the official subreddit, so we expect the chapter to be officially released during the first week of march following the same release pattern as the previous chapters.

Where to read chapter 47 of Isekai Ojisan?

Isekai Ojisan Chapter 47 is available on various internet sites for you to read, but the most authentic and official site is ComicWalker. Other sites include Isekai-Ojisan-official and Manga Town.

Manga can also be purchased in print on Amazon, Book Broker, Manga-Republic, and eBay.