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Island of 100 Kills Chapter 23 Release Date: Did you keep track of the kill count?

Island of 100 Kills Chapter 23 Release Date: Did you keep track of the kill count?

The brain is a peculiar organ; For a long time, humans have wondered if it is a body with a mind or a mind with a body. The way he works is almost like a different personality from us, but then again, isn’t he the one who runs everything, even the thoughts and all the murder plots too?

The survival instinct is one of the most outstanding games of the brain, so much so that it sacrifices the body to save itself and then what it will do to another person. The same theme is used and displayed in many anime and manga series. The survival instinct is followed by the killing instinct, and when the two are combined, it becomes one of the most popular psychological works of art.

This new manga is doing the same thing and fans have been loving how the story is going and upholding the standards since day one and hopefully it will continue to do so in the next few chapters as well. The Isle of 100 Kills has only released 21 chapters now, but it has still managed to catch the attention of the masses.

The plot of the story is the one we discussed at the beginning, the deadly combination of the instinct to kill and the instinct for survival. The only way to get off the isolated island is that one has to kill 100 people before someone else kills them. It is the deadliest survival game that will bring out everyone’s true colors.

They are planning to go to the shelter.

Summary of chapter 22 of The Isle of 100 Kills: “Squall and Plan”

The chapter begins with Alice telling everyone about the place where there is a lot of food. She is talking about the shelter in the backyard of the house where she used to live. He gets a little disturbed and worried and asks if that’s not the place where she was attacked.

She says that it’s only a few distances from where they were and that it’ll be fine. She also adds that he is hiding in it, making it almost impossible for him to have been found by anyone else until now. Alice suggests that they should all go, and that’s when one of the other girls says that she wonders if it’s a good idea to do so. To this comes the reply that eventually they will have to, so why not now?

Island of 100 Kills Chapter 22 Release Date: Did you keep track of the kill count?

Nanami is suspicious of Alice.

One guy says it’s going to be dark soon, so they should start going right now without wasting any more time. Nanami decides to stay behind. He says that it’s possible for Gamou-Kun to return anytime in the near future, even before they’ve been imagining it.

They decide everything, and Alice tells them the details of the place, and they all leave, warning everyone to be safe because survival is the priority. While Nanami is waiting at the place, her watch goes off and she becomes alert. She begins to wonder that it’s only been two days since Gamou left and according to the measurements, it should take at least a week for her to come, so it’s only logical that she doesn’t come at this time.

Island of 100 Kills Chapter 22 Release Date: Did you keep track of the kill count?

Alice is showing her true colors.

He is suspicious of Alice and decides to go through her belongings before everyone returns. Meanwhile, everyone wanders through the woods as they go to shelter and that’s when one of them falls a little behind. However, Alice assures him that everything will be fine and that he should try to hold on. Walking and walking, they suddenly notice the tower, which is the landmark. It is a happy moment for all of them because the milestone confirmed that they are close.

Just as everyone begins to celebrate, Masao slips; however, it is not his fault that someone deliberately planned and conspired to bring him down. Noguchi tries to save him as he asks Alice to hold her hand, only to realize Alice isn’t helping. Only the three of them remain there, confused in the rain. It’s very clear that Alice is not who she seems, and she betrayed everyone and was just playing mind games with them. Nanami was right from the beginning about her.

Island of 100 Kills Chapter 22 Release Date: Did you keep track of the kill count?

Masao and Naoguchi lose their lives because of Alice’s betrayal.

Island of 100 Kills Chapter 23 Release Date: Did you keep track of the kill count?

The Isle of 100 Kills Chapter 23 release date is February 27, 2022. The chapter title is Did You Track the Kill Count?

  • Pacific Time: 7:00 am (February 27)
  • Central Time: 9:00 AM (February 27)
  • Eastern time: 10:00 am (February 27)
  • British time: 3:00 pm (February 27)
  • European time: 5:00 pm (February 27)
  • Indian time: 20:30 (February 27)
  • Japan time: 00:00 (February 28)

Chapters of The Island of 100 Deaths: where to read online?

There are not many details available and the official reading site for this manga has not been verified yet. So, keep up with the latest updates and news and keep checking this site for new information that might be useful to many.

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