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Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 217 Read Online, Spoilers, Release Date, Raw Scans and More

Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 217 Read Online, Spoilers, Release Date, Raw Scans and More

Jujutsu Kaisen is a Shonen adventure friction manga written and illustrated by Gege Akutami. The manga follows Yuji Itadori. Yuji lives in a world where cursed spirits and humans live together. Yuji is the receptacle of the king of curses, Sukuna. Sukuna is a former human who reincarnated as a cursed spirit. The manga has officially released 216 chapters. The manga has also been adapted into an anime with two seasons and a movie. Recently, the Chapter 217 raw scans have been leaked on Twitter and Reddit. Read on to find out more.

jujutsu-kaisen_chapter 217 spoilers and raw scans

The chapter is titled “The bath part-2” and begins with Sukuna joining Yorozu. Yorozu is in a stadium, and the two prepare to face off. Over the years, Yorozu has learned many cursed techniques and developed into a diverse witch. Yorozu is shown to have harbored one-sided love towards Sukuna. Sukuna, meanwhile, has no feelings for Yorozu. The two begin to fight, and it’s Yurozo who makes the first move.

Sukuna uses Megumi’s cursed techniques to counter Yurozu. The wizard Yorozu begins the fight by betting Sukuna that if she wins, he will marry her. Sukuna attacks Yurozu with her cursed dogs and she escapes. She then surrounds Sukuna with her technique and tries to crush him. He dodges the attack. This irritates Yurozu, who asks him why Sukuna doesn’t use his cursed architecture and shrine techniques. Sukuna coldly replies that he wants to crush Megumi’s spirit by making her kill her sister with his cursed energy. Yurozu cries in frustration and asks if he can ever kill her without using his cursed techniques. The scene ends there.

Summary of Chapter 216

The chapter “The Bath” begins with Sukuna fleeing from Yuji in Megumi’s body. Then, with Kenjoku and Uraume, he performs the bathing ritual. Kenjoku specifies that it takes three and a half months to accomplish it. This ritual helps the curse reincarnate its former vessels. After the bath ritual, Sukuna insists on seeing Tsumiki. Kenjaku asks him to switch ships, but he wants to continue using Megumi as his ship.

Sukuna wants to kill Tsumiki with Megumi’s body to further destroy her mind. In exchange for Sukuna’s points, Kenjaku takes her to where Tsumiki is. Yurozu possesses Tsumiki’s body. Sukuna tells Kenjaku that he has no feelings for Yurozu and only has feelings for Tsumiki.

Where to read Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 217 online and release date?

The next chapter will be delayed as the manga is taking a break for a week and will return on March 20. Fans can read the manga online on the official Viz media website.