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Kengan Omega Chapter 202 Release Date: When Will It Release?

Kengan Omega Chapter 202 Release Date: When Will It Release?

So manga fans are curious and eager to know the release date of Kengan Omega Chapter 202. Also, many people are eagerly waiting for the series.

Fans are eagerly awaiting the next chapter of Kengan Omega due to the deadly confrontation several of the main characters had in the episode “Inside”. These main characters include Koga, Ohma and others.

If you’re currently enjoying this excellent sequel and wondering when you’ll be able to read the next chapter, you’ve come to the best place to get all your questions answered in one convenient place.

Today we are going to provide you with information about the next chapter, Kengan Omega Chapter 202, including its spoilers and where on the web you can read previous manga chapters. Read on to learn all about Kengan Omega Chapter 202.

Kengan Omega Chapter 202 Release Date: When Will It Release?

The next Kengan Omega Chapter 202 will be released on March 22, 2023, as per schedule. Until then, be patient and watch the previous chapters of the manga if you haven’t already.

Kengan Omega Chapter 202 Summary

The final chapter of this manga begins with Tokita Ohma, Narushima Koga, and Kiryu Setsuna, who are about to start the meeting; where we see that Koga is sitting next to Kiryu, but at the same time Koga asks Kiryu to give him some space, which eventually leads to a discussion between the two.

Also, in this chapter, we see that Koga asks Kiryu about his role at “Inside” and what he does there. Kiryu replies that it’s a big surprise for him because just like “Inside” is Koga’s home, it’s also his, and it’s where he was raised and learned everything.

Later, Kiryu claims that he only trained him in the Koei style. He thinks there’s nothing wrong with that and that Ohma running Koga like Niko isn’t much different.

The fact that Koga damaged everything when he promised to stop killing people before Kiryu arrived is nonetheless unacceptable.

In his statement, Kiryu claims that despite everything that happened, Ryuki never stopped and that’s the only thing to say about it; he also swears that he never pushed him to do such a thing.

When Ohma realizes the situation is getting out of hand, he advises Koga to drop the argument as he doesn’t see where this is going to lead.

Later in the chapter, Kiryu is heard saying that Ryuki is currently in a difficult situation and is caught between a rock and a hard place. When asked by Ohma about the last time Kiryu had contact with Ryuki, Kiryu replies that it was the day before he returned to the “Inside”.

After that, we have a flashback of Ryuki and Kiryu chatting while sitting on a bench in a park. Kiryu asks Ryuki why he decided to go “inside”. Ryuki replies that he wants to search for his grandfather, but he thinks it won’t be an easy task as his grandfather has hideouts all over the place.

Also, Ryuki claims that he regrets what he did to Kiryu, but Setsuna, Ryuki’s friend, claims that Ryuki is like Setsuna and is to blame for everything that happened.

Kengan Omega Chapter 202 Spoilers and Predictions

Fans are eagerly awaiting what will happen in the latest chapter of the popular manga series. As Kengan Omega readers wait to hear more about the plot and the people involved, the anticipation and excitement surrounding the manga is only growing.

These spoilers start making their way on social media around three or four days before the actual release date. They can be found on online platforms like Reddit and 4chan.

So, according to our estimates, the spoilers will be available on March 19, 2023.

Where can we read Kengan Omega Chapter 202?