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Komi Can’t Communicate review: Is it worth watching?

Komi Can't Communicate review: Is it worth watching?

Komi Can’t Communicate is a wholesome teen romantic comedy anime that premiered in Fall 2021 (approximately October 7, 2021 to December 23, 2021). netflix premiered and it was a huge hit, and fans were looking forward to it for a long time. It became so popular that Netflix renewed it for a second season, and it did pretty well in the second season.

It’s a refreshing watch for you weebs out there. It’s been quite a while since a good teen rom-com anime came out. People missed this classic rom-com style anime. It is one of the most anticipated anime adaptations out there. Komi Can’t Communicate was stopped by people who couldn’t adapt to an anime due to its peculiar art style, but Studio OLM proved otherwise.

Even though the animation was not as expected but much better than people expected as Studio OLM was able to animate and bring the frames from the manga to life so naturally everyone forgot about the unique art style from the manga; instead, everyone began to focus on the anime series’ aesthetic along with its beautiful colors.

the characters

Komi Can’t Communicate, and Tadano is helping with the mission. (Credits: OLM studio)

The show is about Komi Shouko, who is a teenager who has just entered the high school stage and has a dream of making a hundred friends. But her problem is that she has social anxiety, so she finds it hard to even talk to someone. Little to her though, she knows the hell that awaits her when she joins Itan Private School, as the only way to pass entrance is through interviews, so the school contains all kinds of people.

Here comes Komi Shouko’s savior and first friend, Tadano Hitohito. He accidentally sits next to Komi Shouko and everyone in the class disapproves of how an average guy can sit next to a divine beauty (referring to Komi Shouko).

But he comes to know that Komi Shouko is having trouble talking to anyone. So, he takes on the task of becoming her first friend and helping her make 99 more friends. As Tadano begins his mission the next day, he realizes that Komi Shouko is idealized by all people and no one thinks they are worthy enough to be her friend. He uses her last resort, which is to talk to her childhood friend Najimi Osana.

The only reason why Tadano didn’t want to talk to Najimi Osana is that she keeps her secrets related to her childhood that she didn’t want anyone to know. There are many more supporting characters that we will talk about as we go on to talk about the show.

Komi can’t communicate Plot

Tadano Hitohito, Komi Shouko, and Najimi Osana become best friends and the show trio as the show progresses. Najimi rejects Komi’s request to be her friend, which she could say after so much fighting.

After the rejection, Tadano makes Najimi understand why he is trying to get more friends for Komi. After reconsidering, Najimi Osana decides to give it a try. Najimi tries to befriend everyone and has done so since childhood. Komi Shouko was the only girl she was unable to befriend, and as a result, she fell ill.

Komi Can't Communicate Bestie Trio

After messing with Komi, Najimi and Tadano, I apologize. (Credits: OLM studio)

Komi finally saves Najimi by accident when an old friend of Najimi’s tries to confess and force her into a relationship with him. Komi saves Najimi as she tries to give the guy the keys back, but he gets scared by Komi’s nervous look, interprets it as a death glare and runs from her.

Seeing this, Najimi decides to befriend Komi and help her with her dream. Najimi goes on to clarify that all the students at school are her childhood friends. So, Najimi makes a list of all the students suitable to be friends with Komi Shouko.

Komi heard the details about the first candidate, Himiko Agari, who was similar to Komi Shouko in terms of social anxiety, which made Komi want to be friends with someone else with the same problem. As she runs to the library to befriend Himiko Agari, she only gets there to remember that they both have social anxiety, and neither of them can start or continue a conversation with the other.

One thing led to another. After running away from each other, both of them and her teacher grabbed Himiko Agari and told her to announce the class. Himiko agreed as she was startled by Komi Shouko’s look. She panicked and somehow managed to make the announcement and then went to thank Komi Shouko.

As Himiko thanks Komi Shouko, Tadano tries to offer Himiko to be Komi’s friend, only to hear another rejection. Himiko, while running after refusing, says that she doesn’t need to be a friend for a lot of stupid reasons, but if Komi needs a dog, Himiko can be one for her, keeping Tadano and Komi in awe.

Komi can't communicate Amazed moment

Komi can’t communicate Shocking moment. (Credits: OLM studio)

In another episode, we find Yamai Ren, another classmate, introduced to the story. As the episode progresses, we learn that Yamai Ren admires Komi Shouko so much that he even stalks her and has pictures of Komi all over the room. Yamai also kidnaps Tadano while he is on his way to school in the morning.

Yamai kidnaps Tadano and ties him to a chair in his room to keep him there so Yamai can spend time sitting next to Komi all day whenever he gets the chance. Later, Najimi Osana and Komi Shouko notice that Tadano is absent and Yamai Ren is constantly sitting in his seat and trying to talk to Komi Shouko.

Najimi suggests that she would like to visit Yamai Ren’s house together with Komi Shouko for girls’ time. They all have fun, only to later hear banging in the closet where Tadano is tied to a chair. Najimi and Komi rescue Tadano from Yamai’s house and, upon leaving Yamai’s house, Komi tells Yamai that she chooses her own friends for her and that she can’t be forced to be friends with someone.

Yamai then comes to apologize to Tadano only to attempt suicide when Komi rejects her offer to be her friend because Komi is unable to communicate. Tadano and Najimi clarify to Yamai why Komi can’t respond to him due to her social anxiety. This covers all of the main supporting characters, Tadano Hitohito, Najimi Osana, Himiko Agari, and Yamai Ren, in order of their connection to the story.

Komi review can’t communicate

It is a wholesome anime with many aesthetic moments like chalk dust floating on the ground, cherry blossoms, and summer festivals. The story also starts to get cute when Komi Shouko starts to develop feelings for Tadano Hitohito, who is pretty much the first person outside of her family who can know what Komi wants.

So this first episode is fun, silly, and to little movement, and possibly offers to nice representation of to Teen struggling with social anxiety. Is definite by is surreal blooms, of he generation of text to he occasional mysterious cat ears job outside of of Komi head.

Usually some would say it’s stupid. Itan Private School it’s a highly respected institution populated by eccentric and weird bugs, so achieving of Komi goal of 100 of his friends it’s not going to be easy, and he post credits “cousin scene” performed he of the episode larger laugh.

Also, watching season 1 would be nice, but after watching season 2, it gets pretty repetitive. The aesthetics and the lateral timepass keep the show alive. The animation done by Studio OLM is exquisite and falls short if you compare the series with its manga.

Komi can't communicate

Komi can’t communicate. Komi thanked Tadano for his dream. (Credits: OLM studio)

our verdict

Komi Can’t Communicate is nothing new, but it could bring teen angst issues to the fore along with introvert issues. It’s just any other teen rom-com anime with a touch of anxiety issues to make the show interesting and fascinating. It has 2 seasons that are worth watching at least once due to the level of animation and to learn about the societal issues facing the new generation.

Since the show was able to captivate the audience for 2 seasons/24 episodes with its unique portrayal of anxiety issues, aesthetics, and exquisite animation.

Our Rating: ⭐ (4.3/5).

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