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Kubo’s Final Arc Announced Won’t Let Me Be Invisible! When does the manga end? Release date and more

All things must have an end. Sadly, the beloved manga is also coming to an end. Kubo Won’t Let Me Be Invisible Final Arc will be the final season of the manga. Several fans on Reddit are extremely sad to see their favorite series come to an end. There have been fan requests on Twitter asking for the series to be dragged out a bit. Other fans are hoping to get a spin-off at some point in the future. However, viewers should not be discouraged as they can follow the cute couple through the currently airing anime series. So, here are all the details for the final arc.

Nene Yukimori initially published the manga in Shueisha ‘s Weekly Young Jump magazine in October 2019. Additionally, the manga is also currently available on the Shonen Jump+ website and app to read. The manga’s 11th compiled book volume shipped in December 2022. Later, Viz Media also published the fifth compiled book volume on January 3, 2023. Furthermore, the anime will also return with its new episodes in April this year. Even though the manga is coming to an end, fans can still look forward to the anime series. So, read on to find out more.

Kubo Won't Let Me Be Invisible Final Arc Trailer c

Kubo’s Final Arc Won’t Let Me Be Invisible: Official Announcement

According to the tenth issue of Shueisha’s Weekly Jump magazine, Nene Yukimori’s manga will have its final arc. Unfortunately, the manga will come to an end. Also, the final arc will be “Confession”. The mangaka released a statement asking fans to look forward to the end of the manga series. This news was met with several fans feeling sad, while some were happy that it ended on a happy note.

Additionally, Viz Media is currently printing the series in English and releasing the manga digitally as well. International fans and readers can also read the manga in English using Shueisha’s Manga Plus digital service.

Kubo Final Arc Trailer Won't Let Me Be Invisible

What will happen in the final arc?

Few details have been released so far about what will happen in the final arc. However, based on the name of the final arc, “Confession,” fans can expect to see Shiraishi and Kubo confess their feelings for each other. Also, fans will be happy to know that the manga will have a happy ending. Shiraishi and Kubo will finally become a couple and get together. Shiraishi will also remain visible instead of invisible now, thanks to Kubo being next to him. Fans can wish the couple a stroke of good luck for their life together as a couple!

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Kubo won't let me be invisible Final arc release c

Kubo Final Arc Won’t Let Me Be Invisible: Release Date

The final arc of the manga will start soon. The stories will be available to read in the next issue of Shueisha’s Weekly Jump magazine on February 9, 2023. Are you eager to see how the manga’s final arc will unfold? Share your thoughts in the comments below! Until then, keep reading The Anime daily to stay up to date with more anime news and announcements.

Kubo’s Final Arc Announced Won’t Let Me Be Invisible! When does the manga end? The release date and more.