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MARRIAGETOXIN Chapter 37: Release date and where to read?

MARRIAGETOXIN Chapter 37: Release date and where to read?

TOXIN MARRIAGE Chapter 37 is up for the next week without interruption, and fans will witness how our deuteragonist does everything he can to get out of the predicament he finds himself in. The last chapter was important for Arashi, as she is learning and determined to get out of this situation without getting any help from Gero.

Arashi even had a flashback in the last chapter that shows fans about the first time Arashi and Gero met. Although Gero has been hired as a bodyguard, Arashi still wants to do something for her and prove to Gero that he is useful. This is solely due to his romantic feelings for the latter.

After reading the latest chapter of the series, the fans are excited about the next chapter of the series which is TOXIN MARRIAGE chapter 37. The latest chapter makes fans wonder what will happen in the next chapter. Well, we are just as curious as you are, and at this point, your guess for the upcoming chapter is as good as ours because there is no information for MARRIAGE Chapter 37 spoilers.

However, we have other information about the next chapter of the series, such as when the chapter will be released and the various times it will be available to us. But, before we go into all the details of Chapter 37 of MARRIAGE TOXIN, let us do a quick summary of the last chapter to refresh our memory. With that being said, here we bring you the latest updates of the MARRIAGETOXIN manga series.

TOXIN MARRIAGE Chapter 36 – Summary

MARRIAGE Chapter 36 begins with a monologue from a prisoner who is with Arashi. In the prisoner’s monologue, we see that he is talking about “cleaning your heart” as there is no place outside of this underground facility. He goes on to say that one should accept his fate and die as a human here instead of losing his mind and dying as a beast.

While we see that Arashi is worried because he only has a few hours left before the poison takes effect. A flashback then occurs, and fans learn that Arashi was kidnapped as a child by organ stealers who force Arashi to take a drug. Get the organs from her. As they force Arashi to eat the drug, we see Gero make an entrance and kill every single one of them, saving Arashi.

Arashi’s ideal image for Gero is further heightened upon seeing him up close, and the only reason he was there last time was because it was his job to do so. But this time, Gero is helping her because she wants to, and Arashi feels that she is a burden to him and therefore intends to do something on her own this time.

Thus, he ends up calling all the hamsters he can from inside the prison and tells them to spread out to each prison cell. She delivers the message to each prisoner, asking them to riot in this place and turn it upside down.

MARRIAGETOXIN Chapter 37 Post Date and Time

Arashi will likely convince the prisoners to get out of this facility in MARRIAGE chapter 37, but the question is how he will do it.

It will be interesting to see what kind of plan Arashi comes up with in MARRIAGE Chapter 37, which is scheduled to release on Wednesday. February 8, 2023, at midnight Japanese Standard Time. Below are several schedules for the next chapter of MATRIMONIO TOXIN;

  • 07:00 AM Pacific Time on Tuesday, February 7, 2023
  • 09:00 AM Central Time on Tuesday, February 7, 2023
  • 10:00 AM ET on Tuesday, February 7, 2023
  • 8:30 p.m. Indian Standard Time on Tuesday, February 7, 2023
  • 02:00 AM Australian Standard Time on Wednesday 8 February 2023

Where to read Chapter 37 of MARRIAGE TOXIN?

MARRIAGE Chapter 37 will be available to read for free worldwide on the manga plus platform. The amazing thing about this platform currently is the fact that it provides all the chapters of the MARRIAGETOXIN manga series for free. So now is a good time to start reading this series if you haven’t, or you can read it again.

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