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Moscow 2160 Chapter 3: Release date, spoilers and sneak peek

Moscow 2160 Chapter 3: Release date, spoilers and sneak peek

Moscow 2160 Chapter 3: Release date, spoilers and sneak peekMoscow 2160 Chapter 3: Release date, spoilers and sneak peekMoscow 2160 Chapter 3: Release date, spoilers and sneak peek

If you are looking to catch up on the latest “Moscow 2160” manga, you are in the right place. From the author of the Goblin Slayer manga, Kumo Kagyuu, comes a sci-fi action seinen manga that we can clearly see topping the charts in the future.

The first chapter of the manga came out on December 23, 2022. After that, the second one came out about 10 days ago. The release of the chapters is in a bumpy stage right now.

The manga explores a world where the cold war has not ended and more than 200 years have passed since its start. The world has also come a long way in terms of technology. Mechanized rogues and conspiracies run free as part of the bigger plan.

In the midst of all this, there is a “liquidator” or a “cleaner”, who works while all this is happening. The manga only has 2 chapters so far and has yet to gain a bigger fanbase. It is speculated that since the author did well with the Goblin Slayer manga, this will also be liked by fans. The manga is even called a mix of Cyberpunk and Cold War.

Moscow 2160 Recap: What’s Happened So Far?

We are introduced to the “liquidator” (likvidator) who walks the streets of the city. The cold war condition is described as a structure in which East and West constantly compete for technological supremacy. The sindico talks to someone on the phone and tells him that he has another job to finish ”. Then they look at the poster of a woman, very well the “Miss Moscow”.

When our protagonist enters a bar, we see that several liquidators are already there. The protagonist’s name is revealed to be “Danila Kragin”. The whole group is the mechanized army of the Warsaw Pact.

They discuss their next target, which is an outlaw named Igor, who was part of the Warsaw Pact army but is now a mechanized soldier. One of them says that Igor has become “just like them” in an attempt to keep his cyborg body. The government calls Igor’s existence something that can be denied.

The conversation ends when one of them says that his wife Stasha is pregnant, which is ridiculous to the other because that is the name of Miss Moscow. This is when Kragin says that his wife is also called Stasha.

danila kraguin

Circumstances become tense when one of the men at the bar tries to attack him and an even bigger threat emerges. It is Igor, who mercilessly attacks them and kills most of them. Kragin tries to act like a corpse and attack him. He gets it in the end. He also manages to kill the man who attacked him. Danila returns home with her lover, who is revealed to be none other than Miss Moscow herself. She comforts him and the couple end up making love.

In a morning flashback, Kragin reveals that he is a mercenary, while Stasha is one of the main stars of the Peskin Theatre. She remembers the first time he saw her play the Black Swan. Stasha constantly warns him not to do anything rash. On his way to the missions, he meets Miss Peskin, who doesn’t understand why Stasha entertains a “low-cost” mercenary like him.

He meets Maria, who is one of his sisters. She also praises him for dealing with Igor last night. Her code name is “Snow Storm”, she works in telecommunications and is good at what she does. We see that Danila has two sisters Maria and Nora and a brother named Valerii.

caste rusalkacaste rusalkacaste rusalka

caste rusalka

The second chapter ended by telling us about Chasty Rusalka, who is the new lieutenant of the team.

Moscow 2160 Chapter 3: Release date and time

As mentioned above, the first chapter came out on December 23, while the second came out on February 8. Since releases are irregular, Moscow Chapter 3 2160 can be expected anytime from February 19-20 (please note that chapter releases are subject to delays).

Moscow 2160: Where to read the latest chapters?

If you’re looking to read the latest chapters on time, you can find them regularly updated on the Scans of Scylla website.

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