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My Hero Academia 388: What to expect from the chapter

My Hero Academia 388: What to expect from the chapter

My Hero Academia 388 is a highly anticipated chapter as the previous one was incredibly intense and Horikoshi dove into the Himura clan as well as the Todoroki family. Needless to say, this storyline will come to an end in the Final War arc of My Hero Academia, and judging by the looks of it, the author is getting down to it.

My Hero Academia: Ranking all forms of ‘All for One’

While the previous chapter of My Hero Academia focused on awakening the Ice Quirk that lay latent within Toya’s body, the next chapter will continue that momentum and likely bring the Todoroki Family storyline closer to its conclusion.

Rei intervenes

Towards the end of the last chapter, fans saw that Endeavor decided to take his son Toya to the sky when he was about to self-destruct. Although he couldn’t save his son, his best option was to protect everyone from this explosion and therefore the only solution he could adopt was to take his son into the air. However, he couldn’t let his Touya die alone, so he decided to die with him. Taking him into the air and propelling himself even faster with his son’s powers, Endeavor was ready to die, but soon after, fans saw Rei, Endeavor’s wife and Toya’s mother, appear out of nowhere.

It looks like she’s going to play a part here too and that makes perfect sense, considering she was involved in Toya’s trauma. Although Endeavor is the main culprit, Rei is also seen by Touya as an accomplice to the deed and that means she’s definitely going to play a role in this arc. The most likely way to move forward would be for Endeavor to hug his son as hard as he can, probably burning himself in the process, and for Rei to freeze him and make sure the burning core is inside. The inside of his body, which is currently in the process of being compressed, is also freezing.

That’s where Shoto comes in. Fans know he’s currently heading to where Endeavor and Toya are fighting and, since he’s a key member of the Todoroki family and their future, in besides being one of the main characters in the story, he’s definitely going to be involved here. Fans should expect Shoto Todoroki to be featured prominently in My Hero Academia Chapter 388, and it’s likely that he’ll be involved and help his mother and father save Toya and ultimately save Toya. to restore the situation.

Shoto has fought Dabi once before and he will do it again if he has to. However, the fight won’t save Dabi’s life at this point. Shoto will definitely realize this in My Hero Academia Chapter 388, if the two are to meet. The objective should now be to try to cool Toya down and prevent his body from exploding. It goes without saying that the storyline of the Todoroki family is going to end very soon and My Hero Academia Chapter 388 could be the beginning of it.

Almighty vs All For One

The final chapter of My Hero Academia did not focus on the fight between All For One and All Might. It was rather disappointing as fans expected the fight between the two to continue. However, My Hero Academia Chapter 388 may well see this fight begin. Previously, fans have seen All Might jump into All For One’s path with a briefcase in hand. All For One was beyond excited to see his former rival again and he more than likely intends to kill him here, once and for all.

Meanwhile, All Might is ready to take on All For One with all his might. While most expect him to be decimated in battle, as logic would have it, fans might be pleasantly surprised by All Might in this fight, especially if he has some new hero gear or a new suit with him.

This confrontation will settle once and for all the conflict between All For One and All Might, and could also allow the latter to change his destiny. As history has already indicated, All Might is set to meet an agonizing death, and even Sir Nighteye foresaw it. All Might will certainly seek to change his fate with his own hands. All Might wants to become a hero even though he doesn’t have a Quirk and he will do anything to achieve it.