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My Hero Academia Chapter 388: Release Date and Time

My Hero Academia Chapter 388: Release Date and Time

My Hero Academia Chapter 388 will be released on Monday, May 15, 2023 at 12:00 PM JST. After the Todoroki family drama, fans are eagerly waiting to find out if the next issue will focus on Endeavor and Co. or return to the fight between All Might and All For One.

Unfortunately, fans won’t be able to confirm exactly what the issue will be about until verifiable My Hero Academia Chapter 388 spoiler information becomes available. Fans at least have official information on the release of the highly anticipated next issue, with spoilers expected to start dropping in the days to come.

Fans are hoping that My Hero Academia Chapter 388 will once again focus on All Might vs. All For One.

Release date and time, where to read

My Hero Academia Chapter 388 will be officially released on Monday, May 15, 2023 at 12 PM JST. For most international fans, that means the chapter will be released on Sunday, May 14. Some international readers, such as the Japanese, will see the issue come out in the early morning of Monday, May 15. However, the exact release time will vary by region and time zone.

Fans can read the issue on Shueisha’s free MANGAPlus service, Viz Media’s official website, or Shueisha’s paid Shonen Jump+ app. MANGAPlus and the Viz Media website are free services that allow readers to view the first and last three issues of a series. Shonen Jump+, on the other hand, is a paid, subscription-based service that gives readers access to an entire series.

My Hero Academia Chapter 388 will release at the following times for the corresponding time zones:

Pacific Standard Time: 8am, Sunday May 14Eastern Standard Time: 11am, Sunday May 14Greenwich Mean Time: 3pm, Sunday May 14Central European Time: 4pm, Sunday May 14Indian Standard Time: 8:30pm, Sunday May 14Philippine Standard Time: 11pm, Sunday May 14Japanese Standard Time: 12 p.m., Monday May 15 Australia Central Standard Time: 1:30 a.m., Monday May 15

Summary of Chapter 387

My Hero Academia Chapter 387 begins with Geten telling Mr. Compress about the downfall of the Himura family trying to keep their blood pure, also revealing that he is a Himura. Eventually, the main Himura family was forced to sell their children into arranged marriages. Based on the practices of his extended family, Geten theorizes that the Quirks have intermingled and progressed, and that some descendants of the Himura family may unknowingly possess latent abilities.

The chapter then moves to the Gunga Battleground, where Endeavor is briefed on Dabi’s current stats. Despite heavy injuries, he confronts Dabi, but can only see a young Toya looking for congratulations. Endeavor is then unable to fight and takes numerous punches, until Dabi gets close enough to Endeavor for him to realize that the villain has inexplicably awakened his mother Rei’s Quirk, Frost.

Endeavor’s life then flashes before him and he acknowledges his wrongs, explaining that he wanted to atone for his and Dabi’s sins. Endeavor hugs Dabi and uses his son’s flames to soar into the sky. Just as Endeavor seems ready to die with his son, Rei suddenly appears out of nowhere, using her Quirk to cool Dabi’s flames, and the number ends.

What awaits us

Sadly, My Hero Academia Chapter 388 is likely to change perspective once again, but luckily it will to return to All Might vs. All For One. If this chapter were to take readers to another event in the series, fans might consider it a major mistake on the part of author and illustrator Kohei Horikoshi.

If My Hero Academia Chapter 388 does indeed return to the fight between All Might and All For One, fans can expect the next issue to focus exclusively on this fight. The first few pages will likely feature All Might’s fully transformed mech-suit, while later panels will focus on him taking advantage of All For One. The issue will likely end with an ominous return from All For One.