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My Hero Academia chapter 390: release date and time

My Hero Academia chapter 390: release date and time

My Hero Academia Chapter 390 will be published in Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump Issue 27 after the break. The chapter will be released on Monday, June 5, 2023 at 12:00 JST and will be available to international readers in digital format on Viz and Shueisha affiliated online platforms.

My Hero Academia Chapter 390 is expected to continue the Todoroki family conflict. With Shoto Todoroki arriving on the scene and releasing his phosphorus, the threat of Dabi’s detonation could finally be neutralized. However, the fate of Dabi and his entire family remains in danger.

My Hero Academia Chapter 390 Release Date & Time After Creator Horikoshi’s Unexpected Break

My Hero Academia Chapter 390 will be available to readers during the following international times:

Pacific Standard Time: 7am, Sunday June 4Eastern Standard Time: 10am, Sunday June 4Greenwich Mean Time: 3pm, Sunday June 4Central European Time: 4pm, Sunday June 4Indian Standard Time: 8:30pm, Sunday June 4Philippine Standard Time: 11pm, Sunday June 4Japanese Standard Time: 12 p.m., Monday June 5 Australia Central Standard Time: 12:30 p.m., Monday June 5

International readers will find My Hero Academia Chapter 390 on the official Viz Media website, Shueisha’s MangaPlus site, MangaPlus app, and Shonen Jump+ app.

The websites only offer the first three and last three chapters for free, making a monetary subscription necessary to read the manga in its entirety. However, each chapter is available for free as a “one-time read” on the apps.

My Hero Academia Chapter 390 was supposed to be released on May 29 in Weekly Shonen Jump Issue 26. However, a sudden hiatus was announced so close to publication that no changes could be made to the print publication, nor official websites updated in time.

Although the magazine claims that the chapter was delayed due to a production issue and not mangaka Kohei Horikoshi’s medical condition, fans are unlikely to believe it.

Lately, mangaka Horikoshi has been taking at least one extra break per month, in addition to the scheduled breaks for the entire publication. While not concerning in and of itself, the fact that all of these breaks were unannounced raised eyebrows. With the manga industry being so detrimental to artists’ health, fans are urging Horikoshi to take more regular breaks and prioritize his health.

Summary of Chapter 389

Chapter 389 of My Hero Academia, titled Assurance and Prayers, revealed that the Todoroki were doing their best to cool Dabi, but the temperature wouldn’t drop, making detonation imminent. The chapter shows how the evacuation was accelerated.

Dabi realizes that his father, mother, siblings, and the rest of the world are now giving him the attention he always considered his rightful place.

Rejoicing, he wondered why it hadn’t happened sooner, as cracks appeared on his face. Soon, the energy seemed to surge from within, illuminating the entire area. However, Iida was seen heading towards Gunga at jet speed while carrying Shoto. Shoto activated his Phosphor, which seemed lighter and larger than his previous attempt.