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No Doubt In Us Season 2 Episode 15: Release Date, Preview & How to Watch

No Doubt In Us Season 2 Episode 15: Release Date, Preview & How to Watch

Anime fans are constantly looking for new and entertaining anime shows in a variety of genres. The popularity of Japanese manga is huge. Chinese anime, or “Donghua,” is gaining popularity among fans. No Doubt In Us is a famous Chinese anime that released season 1 in 2021 and came back with season 2 in 2022. We are here to discuss the release date of the upcoming episode, a recap of the previous episode, and where you can watch it.

No Doubt In Us is based on Young Dreams’ 2016 manhua ‘Lian Bu Yi’. In China, the manhua was a great success and won numerous awards. It has around 2 million readers which makes it the most popular Chinese anime series. This anime series is now in its second season. It has 24 episodes. It can be seen on Netflix. Season 2 will most likely be available on Netflix soon. At the moment, it is exclusively available through Bilibili.

The second season of No Doubt In Us premiered on October 26, 2022. The plot and the high quality of the graphics keep the viewers captivated by the show. The fans loved it just like the previous season. If you’re new to anime, check out No Doubt In Us. It is a suspenseful and action packed historical romantic comedy anime.

No Doubt In Us Season 2 | Episode still (Bilibili)

No Doubt In Us Season 2: Preview

Huna, the Tartar queen, visits the reign of Xiao Jinyun in Season 2. Xu Yu is delighted by Huna’s arrival. He meets the Dowager Queen and other concubines. Before leaving Wu, Huna warns Jinyun about her uncle and the imperial system, which she finds disturbing. The concubines try to persuade the Emperor to spend a passionate night with them. The emperor gets drunk and spends the night with his empress Xu Yu.

The news of the empress’s pregnancy spreads around the court, but not everyone is happy. Jinyun’s belly covering is given to Xu Yu for a developing fetus. Xu Yu is not feeling well and hasn’t seen Jinyun, which bothers him, so he intends to visit her. Xiao Jimming, the great prince, and Xu Yu are talking when he discovers the rabbit and its belly covered with rabbit markings. He inquires about it and indicates that it is not what he remembers. Jinyun’s cover featured a tiger, not a rabbit. Jinyun comes to her room and she passes out in her arms.

Definitely in us season 2

No Doubt In Us Season 2 | Episode still (Bilibili)

After an examination by the royal doctor, he has contagious injections caused by the belly covering. Jinyun suspects that the princess and her uncle are involved. Xu Yu’s condition is getting worse, and she can save the mother or the child. Jinyun demands that the doctor save her no matter what. The smallpox epidemic spread throughout the country, and the emperor ordered the gates to be closed to protect the people.

No Doubt In Us Season 2 Episode 15: Release Date and Time

The upcoming No Doubt In Us Season 2 Episode 14 will be available on the Bilibili website on February 8, 2023. A new episode is added to the site every Wednesday. The upcoming No Doubt In Us Episode 15 will air on February 15, 2023. Each episode is 10 minutes long. You can watch all the previous episodes at once.

Where to watch season 2 of No Doubt In Us?

No Doubt In Us, season 2 episodes are available on bilibili. It can be obtained exclusively on this website. You can subscribe to the premium plans to watch the series every Wednesday. Subscription plans start at $4.99. There is no other method to watch season 2, and we hope netflix will upload it later.