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One Piece 1079: What to expect from the chapter

One Piece 1079: What to expect from the chapter

One Piece 1078 was released recently and was a massive addition to the Egghead Island arc as it touched on several story points, some of which were built over the later chapters. Finally, the traitor of Egghead Island has been revealed to fans, and the most intense part of the arc is ready to begin.

Currently, all eyes are on One Piece 1079, which marks the beginning of the arc’s climax. With the revelation of the traitor York, the arrival of the Navy on Egghead Island, and the Worst Generation rioting in the New World, it’s time for One Piece to get more intense than ever.

One Piece 1079: Vegapunk Rescue

One Piece 1079 will be hugely important in the Isle of Egghead arc as York has finally been revealed to fans as the traitor to Isle of Egghead. In the final chapter, York revealed to fans his desire to become a Celestial Dragon and it turned out to be a shocking turn in the events of the story. Indeed, most fans expected York to be innocent, especially since she was recently turned to stone by S-Snake. Somehow York faked her petrification and it could be explained in One Piece 1079. Also now that York is near Stella she will probably finish her off and for that she won’t. doesn’t need a lot of time.

This means that someone will have to jump to the rescue of Vegapunk, and since there is no time to waste, this event could be addressed as early as One Piece 1079. The closest group to York is Robin’s. Robin, Chopper, and Atlas are currently heading their way, and so the fate of Vegapunk rests on the demon child’s shoulders. Considering Robin has a bounty of 930 million berries on her head, she should be more than capable of taking on York, but it’s worth remembering that all of the Straw Hat Pirates consider York an ally and they could therefore be taken by surprise. Atlas could potentially lose his life, which would leave Robin and Chopper in charge of the situation with Vegapunk.

One Piece 1079: Seraphim in Action

One Piece 1079 will definitely center around the fight between the Seraphim and the Straw Hat Pirates. Currently, the Straw Hat-CP0 alliance is fighting two of the Seraphim. Luffy and Lucci team up against S-Bear while Zoro and Kaku battle S-Hawk. As we saw in the previous chapter, S-Hawk has disappeared and could head for weaker members of the crew. This means that Nami and Brook could be in danger, and with Sanji already being very busy, the situation he is facing could backfire. It’s also possible that S-Hawk might intercept Robin’s group, which would prevent them from saving Vegapunk.

At the same time, Sanji fights against S-Shark. In the previous chapter, Sanji received a powerful punch from S-Shark in the face without flinching. In One Piece 1079, fans got to see this fight continue and Sanji perform some more moves against this superpower. Fans might also see S-Shark show off his full abilities, which will definitely be interesting for fans to see. Either way, Sanji’s fight is going to be very intense and it looks like everyone is going to appreciate it.

One Piece 1079: What Will Happen on Egghead Island

The One Piece narrator explained a lot of interesting things in One Piece 1078, where the huge Egghead incident was brought up. According to him, Luffy will be at the center of a big incident that will take place a day later. This incident will be of enormous proportions and will cause ripples on all seas. The World Government is uneasy right now and knowing that a war is about to break out on Egghead means the intensity of the following chapters will be high.

The navy will arrive on the island any moment now and the massive war will finally begin. Luffy and the crew cannot fail in their mission to protect Vegapunk and will therefore have to fight with all their might. But for that, they will have to be at their best. In One Piece 1079, the Navy could arrive in the climate zone of Egghead Island and prepare the Buster Call to wipe out Egghead, as they did with Ohara. But this time the forces are much larger, consisting of 100 battleships, including a member of the Gorosei, Jaygarcia Saturn, an admiral, Kizaru, and several vice-admirals. All-out war is about to break out on Egghead Island and One Piece 1079 will be the key. After the Straw Hat Pirates take care of York and Stella, they’ll head for the exit, which is sure to be blocked by the Marines.

One Piece has recently released Chapter 1078. Luckily, the series is not on a break at the moment and the latest chapter was released on Sunday, March 19, 2023. Fans can expect One Piece Chapter 1079 to be released. released on March 26, 2023. Fans can read the chapter for free on Shueisha’s Shonen Jump and MangaPlus apps.