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One Piece Chapter 1074 Summary: Looking for Vegapunk and Bonney while Vivi is with Morgans!

One Piece Chapter 1074 Summary: Looking for Vegapunk and Bonney while Vivi is with Morgans!

Leakers have blessed us with a detailed summary of One Piece Chapter 1074 and we are happy to share it with you. Earlier yesterday, we got very small initial spoilers for One Piece Chapter 1074 and now we already have the detailed spoilers for the chapter that talks about what exactly happens in the next chapter without a doubt about what is happening.

Every reason and character appearance in the upcoming one has been explained in this detailed rundown. While the chapter itself doesn’t show anything major happening, it sets up the events for future chapters. With Kizaru closing in on Egghead Island and Bonney in her father’s memories, events are definitely sparking something big.

So, let us bring you a detailed rundown now for One Piece Chapter 1074 to clear your mind for the chapter ahead of its release. With that being said, here we bring you the latest updates on the One Piece anime and manga series.

Summary of One Piece Chapter 1074

In the spoilers and summary released later, the chapter cover is also released. The cover features MADS members Queen, Judge, and Ceaser, but this time they’re fighting, which means it’s leading to the end of the MADS organization.

One Piece covers have always been telling us some stories of their own and they are important as we saw that formal Admiral Kuzun Aokoji is in fact a Blackbeard Pirate. In addition to featuring the MADS members fighting each other, the title of the chapter is also revealed and it is the same one we had seen in the initial “Mark III” spoilers.

One Piece Chapter 1074 first sees the remains of CP0 agents found in the Egghead Island fabirophase. Surprisingly we will see them being attacked by a new model of Pacifistas which are known as “Mark 3” in a total of 50 units. The new pacifists naturally have a new look with sunglasses and new uniforms as well.

Once we have raw scans for One Piece Chapter 1074, we will surely inform you of the same. Also, Mark 3 can use attacks like a bubble shield developed by Vegapunk. The detailed rundown then sees new ally Stussy going up to the Straw Hats and Vegapunks, we’re assuming he’s on the Thousand Sunny. We also see Lucci and Kaku still sleeping like babies.

The chapter then sees the gang discussing the whereabouts of Egghead Island’s main star. Since they need Vegapunk to leave the island, we will see the group split up to find Vegapunk and Bonney. However, Luffy says that he is tired and decides to stay behind. Luffy never gets tired and we assume that he is one of Gear 5’s effects.

Or he’s probably tired of all the running around and one more reason why detailed spoilers for One Piece Chapter 1074 reveal that Luffy’s fatal shoes that allow him to fly are also broken. As for the reason why Zoro also stays because he himself will get lost while he searches for the lost, the group decides that he must stay too.

The summary concludes this joke with Zoro and Luffy staying in the control room protecting Lucci and Kaku while the Straw Hats and Vegapunks go looking for the real Vegapunk which Sanji specifically asks to go with Stussy. classic sanji.

Bonney looking at her father’s memories

The chapter will then focus on Bonney, who finds her father’s memories in the lab somewhere on the island while chasing Vegapunk. Based on the detailed spoilers, this narrative will likely begin when Bonnney has already entered the bubble-like field said to be Kuma’s memories.

Spoilers say that Bonney is some kind of Memory World that appears to have been surrounded by grass. The spoilers specifically mention that Vegapunk isn’t with Bonnye inside the memory world, which means he’s watching as Bonney walks in.

Inside the memory, Bonney sees a shadow of the castle with some celestial dragons around it. There, he also sees a younger version of her being abused by some people, but the spoilers mention that Young Kuma’s abusers are not Celestial Dragons but someone else. The young version of Kuma seems to be similar to what we have seen in the SBS footage.

The abusers are forcing Young Kuma into a place that reveals he is going to be killed or is full of people who are going to kill him. The memories stop here and we moved to a different section of Egghead Island. While it stops here, we guess it’s just the beginning of Kuma’s origin and we can expect to learn more about him in the upcoming chapters along with Bonney.

traitor among egghead island

While we did see Vegapunk’s hidden companions like Stussy and Sentomaru who are still desperately helping Vegapunk escape, it’s not a surprise that there’s a traitor among them as well. While the chapter doesn’t reveal who the traitor is specifically, we do see him causing trouble for our group again.

After Bonney searches through her father’s memories, the narrative shifts to the Vegapunks searching for the real Vegapunk in the lab phase of the island. We will be Pythagoras running through Labphase looking for Vegapunk where the first one feels something strange in the place and explodes.

The lab’s border dome is downstairs and is crucial as it will allow the CP0 agents to fire on them. Therefore, Shakka is trying to find a solution to shut down the border dome. This part does not give more information about the disaster and we do not know if Pythagoras survived the explosion or not. The raw scans and the full chapter summary will reveal just how dire the situation is, so once they are available, I will ask the editors to provide a new article on the same.

Vivs’ whereabouts and Morgans’ new headline for the news

Then the chapter will focus on a new narrative as we have been seeing since the Egghead Island arc started where the last part of the chapter always focuses on something extraordinary. This time we will be focusing on a recent matter that caused quite a stir in the One Piece world and community regarding Vivi.

After the chaos on Egghead Island, One Piece Chapter 1074 will see the World Economy News Paper ship somewhere in the New World. Inside the Ship, we will see Vivi and Wappol surprisingly hiding from the World Government.

The reason they are both hiding from the World is unclear, but Wappol seems to be hiding from the World Government because he saw something he shouldn’t have seen in the first place and is therefore hiding. Leakers are speculative about this part as there may not be any details as to why he is hiding, but we will surely learn about them sooner or later.

However, Wapol seems to be very afraid of the World Government as the saboteurs say that Wapol asks Vivi to keep her voice down because there might be World Government devices hidden inside the ship. Meanwhile, Morgans is thinking of a new news headline after learning of the Straw Hats’ presence on Egghead Island.

Morgans news headline monologue says Emperor Straw Hat Luffy forced his way into Egghead Island and took Vegapunk hostage to declare a path against the marines. Morgans thinks the World Government will love this headline as it asks his staff members to collect World Government capital while Vivi is mad at him.

The dialogue then continues with Vivi telling Morgans that Luffy would never do such a thing to which the latter replies with a sarcastic tone saying that Vivi was crying until yesterday and now she is telling him how to do his job. He goes on to say that he is the only one capable of shaking this world with the news and it doesn’t matter if it’s true or false since the newspaper is all entertainment.

One Piece Chapter 1074 Summary and Expectations

Great news Morgans!

This is how One Piece Chapter 1074 will come to an end, and luckily, there will be no break after next week. Excitement for the next chapter will only grow as Kizaur and Jay Garcia Saturn draw closer to Egghead Island as Bonney sees her father’s memories grow even deeper. Stay tuned for news about more One Piece or other anime and manga on our website. Because it’s entertainment.

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