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One Piece Chapter 1078 Initial Spoilers: Vegapunk York Clone Ambitions Revealed

One Piece Chapter 1078 Initial Spoilers: Vegapunk York Clone Ambitions Revealed

One Piece fans can rejoice: the manga has returned from its two-week hiatus with Chapter 1077 and is about to release Chapter 1078 without any delay. In the previous chapter, Luffy and his crew fought the Seraphim of Bartholomew Kuma and Dracule Mihawk.

One Piece Chapter 1078 is generating a lot of interest among fans, thanks to the latest spoilers that have been shared online. The most exciting reveal is that Egghead’s traitor will finally be unmasked in this chapter, along with his shocking ambitions.

According to the latest spoilers online, One Piece Chapter 1078 will finally unveil Egghead’s traitor and his terrible ambitions. The next episode will also feature an epic battle between Sanji and S-Shark. The first cover of Chapter 1078 illustrates the founding of Neo MADs, and the chapter is titled “Time Limit for Escape”.

Leaked information suggests that Egghead’s traitor is a Vegapunk clone named York, also known as “Greed”. York’s ambition is to become the only Vegapunk and a Sky Dragon (Tenryuubito), which threatens to rattle Egghead and come under scrutiny from governments around the world.

Meanwhile, Sanji is unleashed and determined to defeat S-Shark, who previously injured Nami. The epic fight between the two will be interesting to watch. In the latest leak, the narrator hints that the events in Egghead will shake the whole world.

These are the various predictions that have been made about the potential angles of the story that could be explored in the upcoming chapter and the following ones. More One Piece Chapter 1078 spoilers will be shared as they become available. Fans can also keep up to date by following the raw scans, which usually appear a day or two before a manga chapter is officially released.

One Piece 1078 is scheduled to be released on March 19, 2023 and can be played on Shueisha’s Shonen Jump and MangaPlus apps for free.