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One Piece Chapter 1079 (Raw Scans): Shanks’ Swordsmanship Skills Showcased In Additional York Objectives

One Piece Chapter 1079 (Raw Scans): Shanks' Swordsmanship Skills Showcased In Additional York Objectives

The One Piece Chapter 1079 raw scans were released on Wednesday, March 22, bringing with them an exciting and engaging issue that backs up previous spoilers. It looks like all of the previously announced exciting developments are indeed real, from the arrival of a certain crew on Egghead Island to the incredibly shocking outcome of the fight between Eustass Kid and Shanks.

Although these events have yet to be officially confirmed, the One Piece Chapter 1079 raw scans seem to corroborate the events of the issue quite officially. While fans still have to wait for the official release of the issue before drawing any conclusions regarding the events, it would appear that everything in it will be final as of 12 PM JST on Monday, March 27.

That’s why readers enthusiastically discuss what happened next for the Red Hair, the Kid, and the Straw Hat Pirates.

One Piece Chapter 1079 raw scans show the Kid Pirates being quickly defeated by Shanks and his sword.

One Piece Chapter 1079 raw scans begin with a cover page featuring a request from a fan. Luffy is seen watering a lion after mistaking it for a sunflower, with a sun eerily resembling Prometheus smiling at the scene. Fans think this could herald the return of Big Mom, especially considering the recent attention Elbaf has received.

The issue then shows a flashback of Vegapunk York giving orders to the four currently active Seraphim, who all seem to agree. Vegapunk York begins giving S-Snake additional orders, but fans aren’t sure exactly what it is. This could set up an alternate motive, objective, or plan for Vegapunk York to escape Egghead.

The One Piece Chapter 1079 raw scans then jump back to the present, where S-Snake Seraphim is seen flying around Egghead Island while saying something. Several Egghead blueprints can be seen, including Sentomaru and the Pacifista.

As the Chapter begins to move away from Egghead Island, a ship flying the flag of the Blackbeard Pirates approaches. However, the chapter then takes readers to Elbaf, where Eustass Kid is approached by several captains of the Red Hair Pirates fleet.

One Piece Chapter 1079 raw scans then cuts to Shanks and his immediate crew, who are near shore after boarding their ship. Lucky Roux and Yasopp are seen saying something to Shanks, along with a third crew member throwing papers at him. Shanks reads the papers while Kid builds and launches his Damned Punk attack on Shanks.

The attack proves devastating, destroying several ships of the aforementioned captains before reaching Shanks. However, it turns out to be a vision Shanks had with his Future Sight Haki. Enraged, he then leaps towards Kid and his ship, drawing his sword as he nears his enemies.

One Piece Chapter 1079 raw scans show Shanks using the Kamusari (Divine Departure) attack that Gol D. Roger once used. The move was first featured during Kozuki Oden’s flashback, where Roger used it on Oden himself while they were fighting. Along with Kamusari, Shanks knocks out Kid, Killer, and several other members of the Kid Pirates crew.

The rest of the crew bow down to Shanks, begging his mercy and willingly handing him the carvings of the road’s poneglyphs. The latter leaves soon after, as two massive figures on the shore appear to be preparing for an attack. It’s about Dorry and Brogy, who are preparing to use the Hakoku Sovereignty.

This is the same attack they used at the end of the Little Garden arc to help the Straw Hats escape. The One Piece Chapter 1079 raw scans end with the two pirates launching the attack, who destroy the Kid Pirates’ boat and begin to drown in the ocean. The issue unfortunately announces a series hiatus next week.