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One Piece Chapter 1079 Release Date Revealed – Get Ready For The Epic Conclusion

One Piece Chapter 1079 Release Date Revealed - Get Ready For The Epic Conclusion

One Piece Chapter 1079 Release Date: With over 1000 chapters, One Piece is one of the most popular and longest running manga series in history. In this series, Monkey D. Luffy and his pirate crew attempt to find the legendary One Piece treasure and become the Pirate King.

One Piece’s current story arc takes place on Egghead Island, a mysterious man-made island where Dr. Vegapunk’s laboratory and secrets are located. Luffy and his friends snuck onto the island to save Kuma, a friend that Vegapunk turned into a robot.

But they soon discover that a member of the Vegapunk team has ruined their experiments and wreaked havoc on the island. Fans are eagerly waiting for the release date of One Piece Chapter 1079 to find out what will happen on Egghead Island.

When will it be available? What should we expect? Where can we read it online? We will answer these questions and many more in this article. Let’s go !

One Piece Chapter 1079 Release Date: The Wait Is Over!

One Piece Chapter 1079 will be released on March 27, 2023 at 0:00 AM Japanese Standard Time (JST). Depending on where you live, you may have to wait a few hours or even a few days to read the new chapter.

Here are some examples of when you can read One Piece Chapter 1079:

March 26 at 8:00 AM PDT (Pacific Daylight Time)
Central Daylight Time (CDT): 10 a.m. on March 26
March 26 at 11 a.m. Eastern Daylight Time (EDT)
Greenwich Mean Time (GMT): 4 p.m. on March 26.
March 26 at 5 p.m. Central European Time (CET)
March 26 at 9:30 PM IST (India Standard Time)
March 27 at midnight PST (Philippine Standard Time)
The date is March 27 at 1:30 AM Australian Central Standard Time (ACST).

One Piece Chapter 1078 recap!

At the beginning of One Piece Chapter 1078, Stussy told Sentomaru that Admiral Kizaru and many marine forces are heading to Egghead Island. Sentomaru then asked everyone to leave Egghead Island.

The chapter then shifts to the point of view of Franky’s group. Here, S-Snake ignored Franky’s words and the fact that he wasn’t completely scared. Instead, he stepped on Vegapunk Pythagoras, presumably killing him by running him over.

The chapter then moved on to Nico Robin’s group, where the Vegapunk Atlas began guiding them to where Dr. Vegapunk was at the time. Afterwards, fans quickly saw Sanji getting punched by S-Shark before moving on to Luffy’s group, where Zoro and Kaku split from Luffy and Lucci to go after S-Hawk.

The rest of the chapter shows that the traitor Vegapunk has contacted the World Government several times over the past few months. This led to the impending revenge of the Marines. Fans then saw Vegapunk York go to Dr. Vegapunk and reveal that she was the traitor in order to secure a place in the Celestial Dragons.

One Piece Chapter 1078 Spoilers!

Most likely, the first part of One Piece Chapter 1079 will still be about Dr. Vegapunk and York, and the latter will explain more about why they do what they do. This should let Dr. Vegapunk know that the marine forces are about to arrive, though it seems only Stussy and Sentomaru know about it.

Jewelry Bonney was only seen briefly in the last issue, so mangaka Eiichiro Oda is likely to devote more time to her now. This should provide at least some insight into his father, Bartholomew Kuma’s past, if not a full dive into his history.

If the first guess is true, One Piece Chapter 1079 will end with an update on how much time is left before the Marines reach Egghead Island. As the Egghead incident is also supposed to happen in one day, fans will have a better idea of ​​how many chapters are left before these terrible things happen.

Where can I read One Piece Chapter 1079?

On many manga sites, you can read One Piece Chapter 1078 online. However, some of them may not be approved by the original author and may contain spoilers or bad translations. VIZ Media is the official place to read One Piece manga online. With a subscription to Shonen Jump, you can read the newest chapters for free.