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One Piece Chapter 1083 Spoilers: Release Date

One Piece Chapter 1083 Spoilers:

We’ve received One Piece Chapter 1083 Spoilers, and it looks like we’re going to get more than we asked for but, at the same time, still wanted. One of the famous leakers of the series posted a photo of one of the pirates who are currently on the move, and in addition to that, the appearance of the pirate has also been confirmed by the leaker.

First up, we have the chapter title, “The Truth of That Day,” and on the cover, we can see Doflamingo making an appearance. They don’t describe what’s going on, I wish they did, but we know the cover page is Mingo’s. I hope this is a cover story and not just a simple fan request alluding to Doflamingo.

The cover story potential of Doflamingo Impel Down Escape would go too far; we would have Doflamingo escaping, the Donquixote family, Benclay, Magellan, and Hannybal again; there’s a lot of stuff that could come out of that, and hopefully it’s a cover story, but at the same time, I’d be kinda sad to see it got some sort of cover story and not a real place in the manga, but anyway we’ll take whatever we can get.

In the current chapter, we see that the Eight Nations are fighting against the World Government because of what happened in Lulusia. What is Lulusia? But they talk about the Eight Nations who started their rebellion with Sabo.

The main question I have is what difference these guys are going to make, because we don’t know the names of the nations yet, and we haven’t met any of their leaders in particular or at least formed a bond with them, so I’m curious to see how Oda will play with eight random nations entering the frame.

On top of that, we also see that these eight nations are not paying their debts to the world government, and that’s why the God Knights are after them. Wow ! Oda used Sly Dogs; I can’t wait to see what the God Knights are. I hope it’s not a catch-all bunch of characters, because it’s a cool title, isn’t it?

We learned about these guys when we learned about Flame Emperor Sabo, and they talked about how the Divine Knights clean up the mess. That said, are these characters really going to be powerful? We learned in this chapter that potentially, this is an unconfirmed spoiler, but the God Knights are numbered “9”, which I have to say is not the case every time we come across a whole new group of villains who happen to have a number close to that of the Straw Hats.

Deep down, I wonder if this potential one-on-one fight is possible, but if I’m not hypnotizing them, maybe Dragon will!

Dragon is afraid of the God Knights

Indeed, Dragon says the real fight will begin when the Divine Knights take action. Are you telling me that Dragon has been waiting for these guys all along? The reason we haven’t seen Dragon take action so far is that he may have been suspicious of the Divine Knights.

Dragon brings them forward, I bring them forward, and I hope they’re the end-of-series fighters. The main reason I wanted them to be strong is simply because we’re in the Final Saga.

When you think of One Piece and all the fights that take place in it, you’re like, ‘Okay! We have Luffy vs. Blackbeard, then Luffy vs. the World Government, and that’s about it, but what will the World Government fight be like; will all the Straw Hats team up against a few Admirals, will they fight against the Gorosei? If the Divine Knights are a big threat, they could be the villains at the end of the story, on the side of the world government.

So I’m very excited about that, and let’s be real, how many more opportunities will Oda have in this Final Saga to introduce a brand new group of high profile villains? I think that would be perfect, and if these God Knights are strong, that might even be the reason why so many people join the World Government. Imagine the God Kinghts being stronger than the Admirals, One Piece’s Zero Team.

I can already imagine the kind of twisted personalities the God Kights would have if they were important characters, because you have to remember that the God Nights are the people closest to the Celestial Dragons. We’ve seen what Rob Lucci looks like. He says if the Celestial wants it, he can get it. We’ve seen what Green Bull looks like, and he says, “If you’re not a world government tied to a nation, you’re a father to us.”

That’s probably what the God Knights are going to be, but as far as crack goes, I’m pretty excited; I want to see how wacky and wild Oda can be with these new characters. That’s what I hope, but who knows, maybe we get to the chapter and they’re just a bunch of fodder characters.

Revs vs. Fujitora, Green Bull and CP-0

Then the Revs talk about Cobra’s death and, at the same time, Sabo recounts everything that happened that day. Sabo says they have accomplished their mission which was, firstly, to declare war, secondly, to burn the symbol, and thirdly, to free Kuma, which we already knew.

Later we see Fujitora, Green Bull and CP-0 against the Revolutionary Army. I’m glad to see this fight; I had hope; I was like, yo, when the flashback comes, we have to see these clashes. How did the Revs manage to get past CP-0 and two Admirals!

After that we see Karasu vs Fujitora, where Karasu uses crows to attack; Morley vs Greenbull, where Morley stabs Greenbull, and at the same time Vivi is with Lucci. Obviously, Lucci isn’t fighting Vivi, which means someone will have to attack Lucci to catch Vivi at the end of the day.

I can’t wait to see the panels for this chapter, especially for this part, because depending on what it looks like, we could see some slander from the Admirals, because we know that the Revs escaped and that Greenbull and Fijitaro couldn’t do anything, but it’s worth remembering that they used an excuse with Akainu and said they couldn’t do anything because the Celestial Dragon was in the way.

We know they didn’t want to hurt the Celestials. They didn’t want to destroy their homes too much, so I want to see if that plays into this chapter or maybe the next one. One thing that I found a bit interesting about this matchup is that we’re not talking about Lindbergh or Belo Betty.

Where are they during this fight, because the way we imagined it when we heard about this fight, we saw the Revolutionary Commanders, and then we saw the two Admirals, but now it’s like if not, it’s not the four Revolutionary Commanders and Sabo, it’s just Moraly and Karasu, and I don’t know if that says much good about these two characters and their combat abilities, but they are in the process of to take on the Admirals one-on-one here.

Lindbergh or Belo Betty is missing, and if I have to guess, I’d say Lindbergh may be the one who went to free Kuma since he’s the Revolutionary Army’s ‘scientist-mechanic’, and since Kuma is a robot to 99%, I feel like that’s his specialty.

As for Bella Betty, if I were to venture into the unknown as well, I’d say she may be rallying country leaders with her Flag Flag ability, or maybe she’s even is freeing the slaves of Marie Geoise, because we know there are many there.