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One Piece Episode 1052: ‘A Cliff Situation’ Release Date and Plot

One Piece Episode 1052: 'A Cliff Situation' Release Date and Plot

Yamato motivates Momonosuke to unleash his most powerful form while the others try to save Onigashima!

On the good part, there is no interruption in the release of the next OP episode. The scale and opulence of the destruction we last saw in the manga will now hit the screens. Toei Animation has never let its fans down. Therefore, it is high time for all the fans to return to One Piece and its greatness. Lined up with a final release date for the week is One Piece Episode 1052. And the episode will bring some interesting new fights here. Here’s everything you need to know about the next one.

In the next story, fans will see more of Momonosuke. Although everyone saw Luffy as Oden’s successor, his blood is still in Momo. The boy has yet to prove his stance as a great leader. And this will be his only chance.

One Piece Chapter 1052One Piece Chapter 1052One Piece Chapter 1052

One Piece Episode 1052: What will happen next?

The preview of the last episode shows that the situation will become tense. And the same is the title of the new one. So, One Piece Episode 1052 is titled “The situation has become tense! The end of Onigashima. Clearly, Onigashima is a ticking time bomb. This just means that at one point or another, the city will turn into ruins. The only people who have the power and responsibility to stop this destruction are Yamato and Momo.

The boy is apparently scared. But Kaido’s son is right next to him to prevent anything from happening. Therefore, the new episode will open with Momonosuke unleashing the best of his form. We have seen the dragon in it. However, he remains to see the full power of the beast. This will take all the attention away from the new POS!

Summary of the previous episode!

The title of One Piece Episode 1051 was “A Legend Again! Luffy’s fist roars in the sky.” The episode begins with Momo finally finding the will to fly and stop Onigashima. On the other hand, even Luffy was totally in charge of beating up Kaido. Sanji and Zoro were also fighting as best they could. Hyogoro and Kawamatsu see that Luffy was no less than Oden when it came to leading the team and starting a rebellion. But Kaido would not stop at any cost.

It took the form of a dragon and started another attack. Soon enough, two counters emerged from the darkness. These were Nekomamushi and Inurashi, who had grown larger due to the full moon. The last act of the chapter saw that Yamato was trying to motivate Momo so that he could form a cloud and show the full power of his dragon form.

One Piece Chapter 1052One Piece Chapter 1052One Piece Chapter 1052

One Piece Episode 1052: Release Date

Without any kind of interruption, One Piece Episode 1052 premieres this week. And the final release date, as announced by the creators, is February 18, 2023. All the episodes of the anime will be found only on the official Netflix and Crunchyroll pages. We will be sure to update this section as soon as there are more details on this. So, keep an eye on The Anime Daily for all the information and updates here.

The release date and plot of One Piece Episode 1052: ‘A Cliff Situation’ appeared first on The Anime Daily.

The release date and plot of One Piece Episode 1052: ‘A Cliff Situation’ appeared first on Read Manga News.