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One Punch Man Chapter 179 Spoilers, Release Date, What to Expect?

One Punch Man Chapter 179 Spoilers, Release Date, What to Expect?

Saitama has started to show his true powers in front of everyone. Instead of a monster, he is against Tatsumaki this time. The upcoming One Punch Man Chapter 179 will be Saitama going against Tatsumaki for the first time with his full power.

Tatsumaki has been reigning in the One Punchverse as the strongest esper and as a hero for the longest period of time. But for the first time, she will be humbled in terms of power and speed.

Everyone who has underestimated Saitama in One Punch Manga has learned their lesson sooner or later and the same will happen with Tatsumaki this time. Even Fubuki is still unaware of Saitama’s true strength, which is why he is still afraid that Tatsumaki will hurt Saitama.

But once this Saitama vs Tatsumkai arc ends, the world will know who is the strongest hero among them. Saitama’s true strength will be exposed in front of the world or Tatsumaki will somehow find a way to hide the truth.

One Punch Man Chapter 179

Even we think it’s too early for the world to know about Saitama’s immense powers. In the One Punch Man 179 manga, we will see Saitama take her away from the newly built dome to a remote location where they can fight.

Yusuke Murata has been off the schedule for the past few months, but according to the latest news we’ve heard, One Punch Manga chapters will be releasing on schedule from now on.

What is the One Punch Man Chapter 179 release date?

All release dates shared here are expected, and nothing has been confirmed yet!

ONE and Yusuke Murata’s One Punch Man manga has been causing storms across the world after Saitama defeated Garou and still didn’t get the recognition he deserved.

The world still doesn’t know what Saitama is capable of, but this time we hope the world will know his full strength after he defeats Tatsumaki.

It is known that Yusuke Murata publishes his Spanish chapters of One Punch Man every Thursday. We expect the same to happen this week as well. Considering the chapters of the past few weeks, we expect One Punch Man Chapter 179 to be released before February 9, 2023.

ONE’s One Punch Man manga has been published on the Shonen Jump website, while there is no official website where Yusuke Murata publishes his art. Then you will have to look up OPM 179 online.

One Piece 1074 is also on a break and is expected to be released around February 12 for fans to read on the Shonen Jump website.

What do we know about One Punch Man Chapter 179 so far?

Not much has been leaked yet about the next One Punch Man chapter. Twitter and Reddit have been our friends when it comes to leaks and early spoilers, but for the first time we are so close to release and we don’t know anything about the next chapter.

One thing is for sure, Saitama and Tatsumaki are going to fight and no one will come between them. Tatsumaki will suffer defeat for the first time, and that too at the hands of a fellow hero.

Tatsumaki has always been protecting Fubuki behind the scenes, now that she knows that there is a person very close to her, she will make sure to test him or get rid of him.

But Saitama won’t let her have her way this time. This time, Saitama will discipline this unruly and childish Tatsumaki until he admits his mistakes.

Who will win? Tatsumaki or Saitama?

Everyone online right now is wondering who will emerge as the winner of this fight. We all know how strong Saitama is, even now he is capable of time travel. So there is no one in the One Punch universe who can defeat him.

tatsumaki and saitama

But surely he won’t face Tatsumaki at full strength. What will happen when Saitama decides to use even half of his strength? The strongest esper against the strongest person will be a wild fight.

The Earth is in danger, if these are allowed to fight, the entire Earth will be destroyed. Saitama must hold back if he wants Earth to survive this fight.

The first raw scans of One Punch Man Chapter 179 will be available soon and we will share the confirmed spoilers once the OPM raw translations are available! So keep an eye on Recent Featured for the latest news.